Boots & Hearts 2017: Top 5 Female Canadian Artists

Over the years I’ve found that Boots&Hearts has been predominantly male country artists that hit the stage. And while I would first like to point out, I am NOT complaining, it is nice to see there is quite a few female artists representing Boots this year. I felt it was my duty (and pleasure) to share with you the top five Canadian female artists you should be catching at this year’s festival!

5. Lindi Ortega

This talented woman, hailing from Toronto ON, first came on my radar a few years ago when I was asked to write up a promo. She’s slowly been gaining momentum, and now we get to see her in a big festival format. She’s got a unique voice you don’t often hear nowadays. i feel like she’s got a voice from a different era, belonging with greats like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.


4. Kelly Prescott

Kelly Prescott is a Canadian country singer who had a love for music ever since the cradle. Her grandfather created a family band that managed to entertain TV audiences for more than 17 years. With music in her background, there was very little doubt where her path would lead. She combines her unique style with her strong Canadian roots and creates something unique and enjoyable.


3. Dani Strong

This beautiful woman, originally from the mountains in BC, has a beautiful and distinctly country voice. While I can’t seem to find much information on this talented artist, I can find a video and that honestly explains just about all I’d like to describe. Dani’s got an amazing voice and I’m definitely excited to see what she has for BH17!


2. Jessica Mitchell

It took me a moment to place the name with the song “Working on the Whiskey”, but when I did I was instantly gratified. This song is soulful and really showcases her beautiful voice. Jessica immediately reminds me of The Band Perry or even Miranda Lambert. She’s definitely got grit and she’ll definitely make my list of performers this year!


1. Jess Moskaluke

Jess is most definitely the most recognizable of all the artists I’ve chosen today, but it doesn’t make her any less of an amazing artist. This beautiful woman has a fantastic voice and she keeps producing hit after hit, and keeps pushing all kinds of boundaries. Her most recent single “Elevator” is undeniably catchy and I look forward to finally seeing her live in concert after all this time hearing her on the radio!




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