Review – Chris Antonik

Album: Monarch
Release date: April 7, 2017
Genre: Blues/Rock

Toronto-based Blues guitarist-songwriter Chris Antonik is turning heads with Monarch, his latest album. With a heavy emphasis on transformation, self-expression, and the willpower required for both, Antonik packs a hefty vocal and chord punch behind what could be considered tranquil song topics.

Opening with the jazzy “I’d Burn It All Down (For You)”, Antonik delivers an electrifying introduction to the 13-track album, his Hendrix-esque guitar solos and cushiony vocals striking the perfect balance between catchy and well-crafted. Toe-tappingly paced from start to finish, “I’d Burn It All Down (For You)” is a must-listen for both Blues veterans and the casual listener.

Mid-album blooms into Antonik’s slower-paced tracks, such as “The Art of Letting Go”—with a heavier emphasis on drums, a focus on storytelling, and a very New Orleans atmosphere, “The Art of Letting Go” is a crooner that prompts any and every audience member to let down their hair and flick on their lighters in solidarity.

With consistent rhythms that demand that you clap along, an awe-inspiring mastery of the guitar, and a vocal range that will make your jaw drop to your toes, Monarch is certainly not an album to skip out on.

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