Review – Campbell + Green

EP: 2 Of Hearts
Release Date: November 29, 2016
Genre: Folk/Pop

Nova Scotia, based Folk/Pop duo singer/songwriters Campbell + Green have just released her newest EP entitled 2 Of Hearts. Campbell + Green have devoted their music to send a powerful message of what love really is to anyone that takes the time to listen to their songs. Campbell +Green are taking the newest EP on a Canadian and European tour.. Their music is said to bring true and raw emotions like happiness, laughter and maybe even a tear to the listeners eye.

After listening to 2 of Hearts the first song that caught my attention was “Big Hearts and Small Towns.” It’s the first song on the EP and is just a taste of what the release sounds like. “Big Hearts and Small Towns” is a very catchy tune and it tells a wonderful story of living in a small town and loving your life there. I loved the feeling I got when listening to this song, as I have grown up in a very small town and the song encompasses exactly the way I feel about living there. The other song that captured my interest was “Wanna Be Your Girl”, which is the third song on the EP. The song is beautifully written and performed. I love the sound of this song and enjoyed it from start to finish. I even had it on repeat a few times. Campbell +Green make a fantastic duo, their vocals meld together perfectly on this track. Overall, the EP was a great listen and very well put together. I really enjoyed listening to this release and can’t wait to hear more from them in the future. If you are looking for something new to listen to, Campbell+Green is definitely someone I would highly recommend you check out.

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