Review – The Mike Bochoff Band

EP/Album: Distractions
Release Date: January 6, 2017
Genre: Pop/Rock

Mike Bochoff, the renowned solo artist and leader of The Mike Bochoff Band releases the 6 track EP Distractions that is now available from your download stores. It features some wonderful AOR compositions not least the title track, “Distractions” a slow acoustic build with heartfelt lyrics and a modern country rock feel.

The Mike Bochoff Band also features Mat Budreski (drums, vocals) and Stephen Hare (keys, vocals) – Distractions is released via the GroundSwell Music label having been recorded at Codapop and Sonic Temple in Halifax.

Stand out tracks include “Sons of America” a beautiful and poignant narrative that’s not a million miles from Springsteen territory. Building from a melodic piano intro with emotional lyrics to the chime of the Telecaster, it’s a moving musical treat. Distractions feels lyrically superior to the bands previous outings. The Mike Bochoff Band always offer highly charged live performances that have seen them perform across North America, and this new collection of material will only further enhance the experience.

Distractions is an earnest display of the band’s versatility within the rock and pop music landscape, adorned with the additional highs of “Glory” a chugging bluesy number, and “Spirit of 96” a nostalgic, questioning piece with soaring chorus all held together with Stephen Hare’s haunting piano riffs.

Note:- Check out the Bandcamp exclusive track ‘Hali-famous’, a live favorite that sounds like an East Coast musical mash-up (think Joel Plaskett/Matt Mays) highlighting Mike’s wry sense of humor.

Taster Track – “Sons of America” featuring a thought-provoking promo video.

A few live dates are slowly being added so check out the website for details.

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