PREMIERE – New acoustic video released by The Katherines

Vancouver BC based trio, The Katherines released their debut album, To Bring You My Heart in January 2017. Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak and Kailyn Hansen-Boucher stopped by their record label’s headquarters to record this live, acoustic version of “Better Off Now” and if I do say so myself, it’s even better than the original. This version features only piano, and a trio of beautiful vocals. There’s something that appeals to me about simple, acoustic songs, and this is no exception..

Lead singer, Kate Kurdyak states:

“Because the version of “Better Off Now” on the record is a duet between a man and a woman it presented us with the challenge of arranging it for three female vocals when it came to doing it live. We ended up passing off the role of protagonist between the three of us and moving around on harmony parts. This made a version where each of us are telling our own story and we’re all thinking about something personal to us when we sing it. We like how the stripped down version leaves room for the raw and melancholy nature of the song to come out”

Keep your eyes peeled on The Katherines social media, as Kate is currently in Toronto writing and recording new material, but she is set to return to Vancouver shortly and the trio are set to perform at various festivals this summer.

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