L CON releases new video for “How Much Shall We Bet’

Photo Credit: Jamie Onions

L CON is a project from songwriter, Lisa Conway (Del Bel). Lisa has been quietly producing and releasing music under various monikers for almost a decade, and has played on the stages of Hillside Festival, SappyFest and Wavelength Festival.  She just premiered her brand new stop motion video for “How Much Shall We Bet” on Monday via Tiny Mix Tapes. When asked about the video, animator/ artist, Chantale Renee said:

“We agreed on an androgynous character doing day-to-day things in his personal space. When I began to send [Lisa] sketches, a drawing in particular stood out to both of us. I drew a peculiar “monster” who’s snout was inspired by a tubular succulent and perhaps, Cyril Sneer.”

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