Review – BurgerFriesPop

EP: BurgerFriesPop
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: New Wave/ Rock

Hailing from Halifax, BurgerFriesPop are set to release their first self-titled EP on March 24 – to coincide with The Coast’s Halifax Burger Week. BurgerFriesPop (the EP) give listeners a new feel to a classic sound – very new wave rock, with five songs that each bring something new to the record. With unique vocal tones, catchy beats and chilled vibes, BurgerFriesPop’s first EP is classic, fun, and one that will have listeners coming back for more.

The EP starts off with “Government”, a classic rock song with a twist – thanks to the vocals. A steady rock beat, with moments of crystal clear electric tones and easy flowing lyrics make this a classic tune, sure to get listeners nodding along.

Up next is “Zoomaniax” – the name just as creative as the sounds, one of the more punkish songs for this EP. Giving more of a vocal range this time around, it shows another side of BurgerFriesPop. This is the song you hear during a movie montage, one that is sure to get you going.

“Count On Me” returns back to the classic styling of BurgerFriesPop – and was another tune I couldn’t help but bop along to. This song, lyrically speaking is a little more intense, but are still sure to be stuck in your head.

The moment “Gonna Do”, the fourth song on BurgerFriesPop came on, it reminded me of rocked out version of Kaleo’s “No Good” – it gave the same get-yourself-going vibes as “Zoomaniax” while sounding quite different.

Last, but certainly not least is “Guerillas” – is the most creatively toned song on this EP. I have never heard a song like this, but I’m hooked. Lyrically, its unique and fun; speaking about gorillas, but relating them to society, a unique spin on a classic idea.

Overall BurgerFriesPop’s first EP is sure to get you going! The tones and beats are very motivating. Lyrically, very creative, and really easy to listen to. The variety of songs show off the bands talent. Be sure to check out these newcomers self-titled EP BurgerFriesPop for five fun, fabulous song.

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