Countdown to Canadian Beats 4th Anniversary – Part 2

We are only one day away from celebrating Canadian Beats 4th Anniversary. Here is Part 2 of our 3 part feature, introducing you to many of our contributors and talking about some of our favourite moments. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Name: The Riz
When You Joined CB: April 16, 2016. My year anniversary is coming up! Need to plan a party! I think Danko Jones is playing the night before in Saskatoon. Maybe try to book a Danko Jones One Year of Reviews Anniversary Interview. Hmmmm…
Favourite Interview: Haviah Mighty. Saved my best for first! A true talent.
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Oh man…that’s like asking who is your favourite kid! Right now I would say the new Ninjaspy album (to be released April 14th). So many close seconds…BA Johnston, Deep Fryer, My Son the Hurricane, SATE…it’s a musical derby race with only winners.
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: The Thing at Vangelis in Saskatoon. Didn’t review it, it was just a mind-blowing show!
Favourite Photo You’ve taken: I was given AC/DC’s, and the Scorpion’s, autographs from a relative’s autograph book and I sent a picture to a few of my friends. I am sure I have a cute pic of my dog and cat somewhere, too.
Favourite Memory: Having Danko Jones like my SATE review on Twitter. I think the universe is telling me something…
How You Feel About Being a CB Contributor: It’s concentrated typing to an ever-changing soundtrack; it’s VALIS with a smaller satellite.
Goal for yourself for CB: Keep writing reviews, interviews, and festival coverage to become Canada’s Music Journalist of the Year for 2017, if there is such a thing. Or just become the leading authority in Canadian music reviews and press, whichever comes first.

Name: Nanci Dagg
When You Joined CB: February 2016 because Linda Heldman believed in me.
Favourite Interview: Crap – this is a hard one cuz I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I loved my OTS with Washboard Union and Tim and Chad but I was most at ease with Aaron Pritchett. He treated me with respect. He used to see me as a fan and now he sees me as a professional in the business but still a friend. It was this interview that opened the door for me for other artists and I’ll be forever grateful to Aaron for that. So, I will go with On The Spot with Aaron Pritchett.
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Dig by Nicole Rayy
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: Any Chad Brownlee show.
Favourite Photo You’ve taken: 

Favourite Memory: My favourite memory of CB is having a feeling of being a part of a family right from the get go, that I matter and what I have to say matters then though I’m not very good at being a wordsmith or a great photographer. Jenna is always inspiring me. My favourite artist memory is having David James being so cool and supportive of me when I first started. I didn’t know what I was doing, whether I was doing it right or wrong, good or bad, but David stood by me and let me do my thing and learn.
How You Feel About Being a CB Contributor: Well, I still don’t think I’m deserving of this. I’m not great at it but I do try to do my best. I love being a part of the team and seeing firsthand how much we have grown over the past year and how we are getting respect in the music community as a great Canadian music blog that artists want to be a part of.
Goal for yourself for CB: To learn to be better at what I do – as both a wordsmith and photographer.

Name: Linda Heldman
When You Joined CB: December 2015
Favourite Interview: It’s no secret that Brett Kissel is a particular favourite of mine. It was so cool to be able to have a one on one with him during Manitoulin Countryfest 2016. He can make anyone feel at ease. The funniest part was when the lights when out and we continued on in the dark. Brett’s Tour Manager was quick to pull two flashlights out of his pockets to keep the interview going. I still chuckle when I think about it. Check it out here!
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Compared to other things I’ve done for CB, there are only a handful of Album Reviews for me to pick from. Frontier by Paul Brandt was my first contribution to CB. I remember specifically asking Jenna if I could review it. I have been a fan is his for almost two decades. He always keeps his music current while staying true to his own sound. It was a real honour to be able to review this one.
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: Lucknow Music In The Fields 2016 – This was an incredible weekend with amazing talent, some fun interviews and making new friends. The organizers were so good to us. I can’t say enough nice things about this festival!
Favourite Photo You’ve taken: Jessica Mitchell on the Songwriters’ Cruise in Manitoulin. It was a windy day on the water in August 2016. The performing area was originally set up on a platform at the bow of the ship. A few times, it hit waves and the wind blew some spray up. To protect Jessica’s guitar, she asked to move to a safer location. She was moved just below where she had been. All looked good till a big spray came right over the bow and soaked her, her guitar, me and my camera. Good timing or bad? Well, we all got a refreshing shower. No significant damage to anything….Thank goodness! This was the moment it all happened.

Favourite Memory: Definitely one of the highlights for me was being asked to emcee a session of Diamonds In The Rough during Country Music Week in London, September 2016. I had so much fun introducing the acts and doing a mini version of On The Spot with them. The session flew by so quickly! It was great to get to meet some new artists and get to know them.
How You Feel About Being a CB Contributor: I LOVE IT! I can’t thank Jenna enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I am passionate about. Music has always been a major part of my life. So has writing and photography. To be able to combine all three plus, stretching myself to do video interviews has helped me grow so much.
Goal for yourself for CB: To continue to grow and help CB evolve into the best version of itself that we can make it! My photography pales in comparison to Orest, Nicole and B’s work. They are great with tips and it is one area that I hope to improve the most on this next year. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY CANADIAN BEATS!

Name: B Hartling
When You Joined CB: September 2015
Favourite Interview: Jon Landry from The Stanfields
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Erin Costello’s Down below the Status Quo… Still go back to that one constantly. It’s a masterpiece.
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: The Struts this past December. They’re one of my favourite bands and I missed being in the pit for them at WayHome last year so it was incredible to get to shoot them at The Opera House. They put on an incredibly high energy gig.
Favourite Photo You’ve taken:

Favourite Memory: Working my first full festival season in Ontario on a (repeatedly re)sprained ankle. LOL!
Goal for yourself for CB: Self: try to get caught up LMAO, for CB to keep growing and adding exciting new features our readers will love.

Name: Nicole Wolfe (Solis Splendor Photography)
When You Joined CB: August, 2015
Favourite Interview: I had the opportunity to interview River Town Saints in December, 2015, when they were performing in Hamilton, ON with Jason Benoit and Autumn Hill. If you know RTS, you will know that they are absolute hams and are constantly cracking jokes. This was exactly what they dished out during our interview. It was one of my first interviews for Canadian Beats and I was very nervous. But as soon as I started the interview, they had me laughing all the way through. Chris Labelle even performed a magic trick on camera, and at the end I was treated to a lovely acoustic performance of “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way”.
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Artist: Jordan Welbourne Album: Reach Out EP Genre: Rock/Blues. I became in instant fan reviewing this EP from Welbourne, of Saskatchewan.
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: Boots and Hearts, 2016. These four days were likely the HOTTEST four days of the summer, no exaggeration. I ran around frantically for these four days between the various stages and activities to make sure that I could capture as many moments as possible. It was such a dream to capture so many of my favourite Canadian and International artists in one location. I am very hopeful to cover this festival again this year!
Favourite Photo You’ve taken: Captured in Sault Ste. Marie during Brett Kissel’s “Ice, Snow and 30 Below” tour of 2017. I adore this photo not because the lighting was perfect, because it wasn’t. I converted the picture to black and white because something was amiss about it. I kept coming back to this picture while editing and ultimately decided that it must be kept. Its composition was nearly as perfect as I have ever achieved. A major bonus is that Brett Kissel used this image for a set of merchandise (t-shirts) for his recent shows with Garth Brooks. I was so honoured that he selected my image.

Favourite Memory: I will never forget my first experience shooting in the ‘big kids’ sand box’ (aka The Air Canada Centre). Being able to cover The Red Hot Chili Peppers show recently for our Canadian Beats Passport feature was a definitely bucket list item for me. I was nervous and had a hard time looking at the crowd, simply because of its sheer volume, but got in the zone for my three songs in the pit when I eagerly snapped way more pictures than I required.
How You Feel About Being a CB Contributor: My social media accounts say it all – “music is my oxygen”. I eat, sleep, breath music! I have always known that I wanted music to play a larger role in my life than simply just listening to the radio. Since I was gifted with the voice of a stray cat I decided that the best way to achieve this was from the sidelines, and behind the scenes, as the biggest support of local Canadian music that there ever was! I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given being a contributor. I value every conversation I have with an artist, ever album I listen to and every show I snap pictures at.
Goal for yourself for CB: I want to keep up my enthusiastic pace. Balancing both a day job and my role within Canadian Beats means that there is little down time in my life, if any! But I would not have it any other way. I hope that I am always as enthusiastic as I have been these past two years in my album reviews, interviews and coverage of shows.

Name: Sarah Ballagh Brown
When You Joined CB: Spring 2015
Favourite Interview: Elliot Maginot
Favourite Album You Reviewed: Blue Sky Miners
Favourite Show You’ve Attended: The Tea Party
Favourite Photo You’ve taken: photos of Scott Weiland
How You Feel About Being a CB Contributor: I love music and it gives me the opportunity to explore new music I may not have otherwise heard.
Goal for yourself for CB: To have more time to attend shows!

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