Review – The Orchard

Album: The Great Unknown
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Genre: Pop/Soft Rock/ Country

Kasha Anne and Mitch Smith, are the voices behind the country band The Orchard. Their newly released album The Great Unknown has hit shelves; it is a lovely mix of soft rock, country and pop. They don’t follow the grain and that is what is great, and different about them. This album steps out and reaches its listeners, especially those who dream. The Alberta natives have finally found their sound on this third album release.

This album is best described as a vision of ignoring the grain and following what comes to them naturally. They have defined themselves personally and it is evident in this release.

“Sometimes I Wonder”: I have listened to this one single over and over, the title alone spoke to me. It makes a person feel like it is possible to follow those, I wish I could moments, or did you ever think you could. It’s a song of freedom and letting go, I believe that a lot of us can relate to.

“A Dream Inside a Dream”: Is a song about something we thought would be a dream but in reality is a bad dream. It is a melody that is relatable to a lot of us, we think that there is this dream person but in reality when the dream becomes true it isn’t what we had wished for. This song has a soft rock/pop sound,  another great addition to this album.

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