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Album: Like a River
Release date:  January 9, 2017
Genre: Blues

Like a River is a great album with such a diverse sound of back street blues and jazz, as well as great songwriting and vocals. Coming from Kingston, my hometown, allbut6ix sure has made some great moves over the years, across the world in Europe and achieving great sales in North America.

This release has a very soft blues sound with a lot of folk influence in the writing, telling stories of the past and present, as well as making sense of everything going on around us. A few of the great tracks on this album that I’d like to touch on are:

“Beautiful World” which is about just taking chances and doing what you love, as well as what you want to get out of life.  Go for the gold and make your own Beautiful World and when that well runs dry, make everything you do count. Just do it!

Another great track off this album is “I don’t need to Know” which is about just that; not needing to know about who was in your lovers life before you became a part of it. I don’t need to know about all of the drama before we met. This song is awesome with great soft lyrics coming from Dwight Druick. The music is phenomenal.

“Life Is A River” speaks for itself. It is such a river! This song is all about that truth to life and how it can go from lounging in a tube and floating down the river to hitting those big, washed out rapids in life on said rivers. Just make sure you are wearing your life preserver, so you don’t drown in it all.

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