Review – Vroni

Album: Illusions
Release Date: October 14th, 2016
Genre: Pop

Toronto, ON based pop singer/songwriter Veronica Sabah professionally known as Vroni, released her newest EP entitled Illusions late last year. Vroni is a very talented artist who has been classically trained with honours from The Royal Conservatory of Music. She started her musical career at the young age of 13, recording her own original music. Vroni’s EP is said to have a mission of shedding light, equality and empowering youth. Her newest EP Illusions was released on October 14, 2016 and consists of five full length tracks.

The song that first caught my attention was “Stuck in my Mind.” It’s the first song on the EP and is just a taste of what the whole album sounds like. “Stuck in my Mind” is a very catchy song and I was in love with it since I first heard it. I wanted to start singing along to Vroni’s lyrics and loved the story behind the song, about reliving memories. The other song that captured my interest was “Reflections”, which is the second song on the EP. The song is beautifully written and a bit slower compared to the other songs on the release but will get you hooked from the start. I love the pure emotion that Vroni puts into this song.

Overall, the EP was a good listen, and very well put together. I really enjoyed listening to this EP and can honestly say that Vroni is now on my lists of artists that will be joining my playlist. If you are looking for something new to listen to, Vroni is definitely an artist that I would highly recommend.

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