Nicole Rayy Releases Her Latest Single “Fireproof”

Photo credit: Ian McCausland

Nicole Rayy just keeps getting better and better with each song she releases and her current single “FIREPROOF” is her best to date. Released digitally on March 1, and set for release to Canadian country radio on March 27, this song speaks of strength and courage “so go on pour the gasoline, come on and throw the lighter, I can take the heat … baby I’m fireproof” and of self-worth, being capable of rising above a negative situation and not letting it get the best of you “you don’t get to me baby like you used to, I don’t feel a thing … baby I’m fireproof.It’s a YOU.GOT.THIS. sort of tune.

Produced by Doug Romanow (Justin Bieber, Chantal Kreviazuk, Johnny Reid) and mixed by Scott Cooke (Dallas Smith, Kira Isabella, Aaron Pritchett, Chase Rice), “FIREPROOF” has the ability to make you feel empowered, show and feel fearlessness, have confidence in yourself, and to take the firestorm that’s a part of your life and extinguish it. It’s a song that lets you know that you really are tougher than you think, that you can believe in you, and all that you have gone through will make you stronger.

Says Nicole Rayy of the song:

“This song crossed my path after I was already finished recording my album, but I knew when I heard it that I had to record it. The message in this song is something that strongly resonates with me and I think it says something that so many types of people can relate to.”

This is one song that you will play on “repeat” because YOU ARE FIREPROOF!

“Fireproof” is now available at:
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