Doc Walker Release “Heart of the Heartland,” Their First Single From the Upcoming Album Weathervane

After 20 years, Doc Walker still has what it takes to be the best in the biz. Long-time fans will immediately recognize “Heart of the Heartland” as classic Doc Walker. The Prairie guys have come home with this one – with an honour-filled message of growing up in a small town. To be precise, Portage la Prairie, Westbourne and Winnipeg, Manitoba, which have long been home for Chris Thorsteinson and Dave Wasyliw. The single is available digitally and on country radio on March 17, 2017.

Written by Chris Thorsteinson, Dave Wasyliw, Todd Clark, Gavin Slate, and produced by Dave Wasyliw and Gavin Brown, this song was inspired by “hometown pride, fond memories of youth and continuing to find new inspiration in one’s roots.” It’s an honest song, a “from the heart” song. A song that, when you hear the lyrics, will take you back in time to your own recollections of childhood. This song also has sadness to it. It speaks of memories of days past in a town that is now dying (like so many small towns) yet holding on to the pride of that hometown.

Canadian Beats asked both Chris and Dave why they liked this song so much and here’s what they said.


“The song “Heart of the Heartland” is one of my favourites off Weathervane simply because it tells a story of my life. I’ve travelled the world but have always called the prairies my home.”     


““Heart of The Heartland” is about a man’s hometown pride in spite of the fact that the town is crumbling around him. There are references pulled directly from my childhood, so it became very personal. Personal songs aren’t always easy to write or sing, but they always end up being my favourites.”

Reading what these guys said about “Heart of the Heartland” truly tugs on one’s heartstrings. This song is bona fide and sincere, and that’s what makes it so inspiring and moving! Can you hear your mom call your name when you listen to “Heart of the Heartland”?


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