Review – Ralph

Album: Ralph
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Genre: Pop/Disco/Soul

March 3rd, 2017 was the release date for Toronto based singer Ralph‘s self-titled album with 604 Records. I have listened to this album several times, trying to find my favourite track has been difficult because they are equally fantastic, let your hair down kind of music!

All six tracks have a crafty, independent sound. There is a hint of 80’s pop mixed with disco fun, every song seems like fresh breath of spring sunshine.

“Tease” was the first single off the self-titled album, it has been streamed over three million times.

“Busy Man”, is a bit out of Ralph’s traditional realm of music. It’s a song that most can relate to, sitting by the phone waiting to hear it ring. Waiting for that special someone to call but who always lets us down, that person who always bails on plans or never calls back because they are too busy.  This is an enjoyable, smooth pop song that I could listen to on repeat several times over.

“Crocodile Tears” – Ralph pours her heart out in these lyrics and really touches her audience; it is a very personal song for her. It is a ballad about a relationship struggle and infidelity that many can relate and connect with. This is a self-written song and definitely one of self-reflection. It’s safe to say that Ralph has hit it out of the park with this album!

The album release party set for March 22 at The Drake in Toronto. She is the artist to watch in 2017.

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