Review – Lee Palmer

Album: Bridge
Release Date: February 24, 2017
Genre: Blues/ Rock

Lee Palmer comes back at us with another great album, Bridge. The album brings forth a string of talented individuals along with Lee Palmer including Al Cross (drums), Alec Fraser (Acoustic/ Electric Bass), Mark Lalama (Hammond organ/ piano/ accordion), and Kevin Breit (Guitar/Mandolin/ Dobro). The album is also produced by Lee Palmer and Elmer Ferrer.

I really enjoyed the track, “My Town”. It’s a song that encompasses everything that’s great about the town where he is from, or currently resides. It’s all the memorable parts about waking up and driving around your town, and doing those everyday things that you love so much. It could also be about living outside of your town, and how it always calls you back home with good memories, family and love. Who wouldn’t want to go back?

“My Old Man” is another song on the album that I was drawn to. This song is all about the tough, strong Dad he has and how he misses his strong mind, and how he used to get wound up so tight that you just knew when to steer clear. He talks of how his dad was a gambling man until he lost everything, but always worked hard to get it all back. His dad left too soon, and I think every man misses a piece of their dad.

The last song that I’ll be mentioning is “That’s No Way To Go”. This track touches my heart, as I am sympathetic to Alzheimer’s and the families that it has touched, and hurt. This song’s all about never being able to look back on your wild life, how it’s all just a blank canvas now, and all the memories are slipping away. It’s certainly not a good way to go. This song features great lyrics, and songwriting that will pull you in, and keep you listening.

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