Review – The Wild!

Album: Wild At Heart
Release Date: February 17, 2017
Genre: Rock

The Wild! released their second album today, Wild At Heart. It is their first release since their partnership with EOne Music Canada. Since reviewing their first album, GxDxWxB, I can tell that the band has grown and changed, but still kept true to the sound they started building in 2015. I immediately saved it on Spotify once it became available.

If you ever are in the mood for a pick-me-up, classic rock-blues combo with a wicked sound, The Wild! is definitely where you should turn. They are one of Canada’s treasures, and this album proves it.

It starts off with the song “Ready to Roll” and I think it is the perfect way to kick off this album, it really does make you ready to roll. I feel like this is one of those good songs you can close your eyes and imagine yourself at an awesome party in the summer, where even if the people don’t know the lyrics, they will be dancing along with their arms up and just having a good time. And that’s what I like about this band, you always want to have a good time while listening to it.

“Rattlesnake Shake” is another one that is as good as the title sounds. It’s got that fast guitar riff and intro that you look for in this genre and from the first second builds into an amazing chorus. And then Bam! There’s a guitar solo that can make anyone jump up and air guitar to.

Overall, Wild at Heart is an epic album from start to finish, with never a dull moment in any song. These guys continue to blow away my expectations and they know how to put out a energetic, strong and memorable line up. I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

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