Five couples in the Canadian music industry who will make you say “Awww”

Photo Credit: Cassandra Popescu

With Valentine’s Day here, we at Canadian Beats are all in the mood for love. So we thought it would be fun to do a few lists centered around just that, LOVE. In the music industry, there are quite a few musical acts that are comprised of couples, whether it’s just the two of them in the band or there are others involved too, we wanted to tell you about five amazing Canadian musician couples.

Bucko & Toad: 

This husband & wife team is having a great time doing what they love, together. Victoria BC’s Kenn and Kelly Coutu form the country duo, Bucko & Toad which were their childhood nicknames. The song I am deciding to feature on this list is their single, “Any Excuse”, which was not originally supposed to be a duet, but I am sure glad they decided to go this route, it’s a great love song, and the perfect way to get our list started!


Walk Off The Earth:

Sarah Blackwood and Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio are a couple that I’m sure we have all heard of, as they are 2 of the 5 members of the mega talented Walk Off The Earth. The band is known for their amazing covers of songs, but they are also insanely popular for their originals. For this list, I’m going to do a throwback to a special announcement video the two did, featuring the song “I Got You Babe” back in 2015. What a cute couple these two are!



Husband and wife duo, Whitehorse is a folk/ roots act comprised of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. The chemistry between the two shines through during their performances; both musically and romantically. What choice was there, other than including “Sweet Disaster” which Melissa calls her “first real love song for Luke”.


Dear Rouge:

Dear Rouge is led by husband and wife, Drew and Danielle McTaggart. The two started out as touring musicians, then met, began dating and got married before starting the electronic rock band. In a piece on Beatroute the duo says that working closely with a spouse is both enjoyable and challenging. Well one thing is for certain; these two are doing something right with the release of their debut full-length album, Black to Gold and not slowing down in the least.


The Western Swing Authority:

Although The Western Swing Authority is made up of seven extremely top rate musicians, for the purpose of our list we will be focusing on two of the members, Shane & Stacey Lee Guse.

I had the chance to ask Shane what it’s like to be on the road with his wife:

It’s nice to have your wife with you when you are travelling. We have both done lots of travelling for music apart from one another so when we get to share the experience it’s really great. You do tend to discover new and interesting quirks in each other’s “road mode”, as scheduling on the road is very different than it is at home.  You also get to enjoy spending time together in an entirely different way.  It has elements of date night, everyday!  Who wouldn’t want to go out with their wife and enjoys dinner out, lots of music and a night in a hotel! “

Stacey feels much the same, and states:

I do think that it is a real blessing to work with your spouse, but it comes with its challenges as well.  It affects the whole household when we are both away, but there is also a true understanding about the business that just can’t be found with someone who doesn’t share your line of work. And having a great sense of humour is essential. Luckily, I am hilarious, so there’s that.“


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