Scotty Hills releases video for “Won’t Be Back”

Vancouver Island’s Scotty Hills has announced the release of his new EP and single.  The EP Nature Girl will be available on February 24 via Grand Fir Records.  To accompany the release,  Hills has debuted the music video for”Won’t Be Back” on Youtube.

“I’ve tried to touch on many genres, without totally subscribing to any of them,” says Hills.  “It’s a pretty rootsy record, but I’m never satisfied with simply nodding my cap to tradition, nor am I preoccupied with colouring inside industry lines. It’s harmonically broad. The melodies and lyrics are subtle and simple.  My goal as an artist, is to make a record that perfectly balances and blends all of my influences, into each song. Nature Girl is a big step in that direction. Listeners will hear a exploring songwriter, taking a deep look into the relationship between human nature and mother nature.”

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