Review – SonReal

Album: The Name EP
Release date: Aug 12,2016
Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

I have been watching SonReal blow up like a mad man in the music scene and as always killing it with his tours. I had a chance to see him perform live on Classified’s stop in London, Ontario at the London Music Hall and he put on an incredible live show. His EP The Name sounds amazing in my car stereo, I’m the annoying guy with the bass and treble rolling through the city with the windows down, and I’m proud to admit it. I enjoyed all the tracks on this EP.

“Can I Get A Witness” was the first track and brings that energy that SonReal is so full of. He gets so into the song when performing it, which of course adds to the crowds excitement. When he was on stage in London,  the ladies were going crazy with the screams. His mid 80’s/hip hop/punk rocker look just helps to exaggerate the music and vibe he reflects. He is one talented man and he brings his dreams to life.

Another track I really like is “SOHO”. It’s all about the Indie life and giving shout outs to how strong his team is. The production that went into this track is awesome. His flow is on point and doesn’t skip a beat. A great track to have in your playlist when you want to wake yourself up with some great music and let loose, just like SonReal does on this album!

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