Whitehorse releases new single, “Boys Like You”

Toronto duo Whitehorse recently released their new single “Boys Like You,” a ruthless diss anthem calling out the smooth-talking, two-timing boys who “live with their mothers,” as Melissa McClelland aggressively proclaims in the chorus. The cutting alt-rock tune opens with punchy beats and a soaring tremolo guitar riff before erupting into a dreamy chorus. The dream is quickly interrupted with McClelland’s dynamic vocals as co-lead singer Luke Doucet takes us back to the verse, lamenting the struggles of the “drunk sad bastards.” An unapologetically honest tune, “Boys Like You” is the powerful anthem giving a voice to the women who have to deal with the creeps and the losers.

“Boys Like You” is now out worldwide, listen here!

Whitehorse also has a few upcoming tour dates:
BURLINGTON, ON: Performing Arts Centre, Feb 21
RICHMOND HILL, ON: Centre for Performing Arts, Feb 22
ST. CATHARINES, ON: Partridge Hall, Feb 23
OAKVILLE, ON: Center for Performing Arts, Feb 24

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