Review – Paul Lambert

Album: Sweet Relief
Release Date: January 23, 2017
Genre: Rock

Hailing from the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver), Paul Lambert and his band bring you some good Canadian rock with diversified sounds and that invigorating feeling that this music possesses. It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing when creating music that will appeal to fans of all genres.

The album, entitled Sweet Relief features nine previously unreleased tracks, it’s full of energy and Lambert does a great job mixing genres to create music that is unique to him. You can hear hints of alt country and folk mixed into the well-oiled rock machine.

“Laughing Gas” is about that feeling of getting “more and more and more because you can’t get enough”. It’s all fun with this song and it made me push my pedal to the metal a little more in my car. Not speeding, but giving it some gas!

“Sweet Relief” is another track off of the album that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s about when you finally break free of being trapped. You’ve been giving your all to someone else, and then there’s that sweet relief when you get yourself back and escape all those negative feelings.

Each song on the album had me hooked, but each for different reasons. I recommend no matter what type of music you enjoy, you check out this release.

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