The Acoustic Guitar Project (Toronto): The Simplicity of a Song

Are you looking for something to do on January 26 in the Toronto area? Well we have something for you! An evening of music celebrating the simplicity of a song with Toronto based singer-songwriters, Rosanne Baker Thornley, Keith McKie, Blair Packham, Julian Taylor and Suzie Vinnick.

“This is Toronto’s first year as a participating city in The Acoustic Guitar Project, (TAGP), a global music initiative and concert series. How it works : TAGP appoints a Curator from cities they have invited to participate from around the world (there are currently 50 cities involved), providing the Curators with an acoustic guitar and a simple recorder. Each year, each Curator invites five local songwriters to participate in the project. These songwriters are given the guitar for one week and asked to write an original song and record it live with no editing; shoot a video describing their experience writing the song; sign the guitar; take a photo with the guitar and then pass the guitar onto the next songwriter in their city. The songs, photos and videos are uploaded to where all TAGP participants can be found and heard. When all five musicians have completed their songs there is a concert where these songwriters perform their music, including the songs they have written for the project and share the stories behind them.”

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