Review – Marques Videography EP Digital Citizen

EP: Digital Citizen
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Genre: Rock/ Metal

Metal fans, if you haven’t heard some of the talent from the Kitchener/ Waterloo area you will after you listen to this EP.  Marques Videography created the EP Digital Citizen to showcase the talent from the Waterloo region and it certainly is a great way to showcase new talent in Southern Ontario.

What makes this EP unique is that Marques Videography is putting together music videos for each of the tracks on the EP.  The first 3 tracks are for metal fans where track 4 slows things down a bit into a pop/rock ballad.  The final track is something more for pop/rock fans but with a bit of a rap mixed in; which I thought was very unique.  Marques videography has released two music videos so far, one for “Bed of Roses” and another for “The Memory”.  These videos are polar opposites, one being the heaviest track on the EP and the second being the softest.

Marques Videography is slowly releasing the music videos for each of the songs on the album.  Keep an eye out for more projects from Marques Videography, especially those in the Waterloo Region.

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