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Toronto’s Leondro released his self-titled EP entilted Leondro in 2016. He recently released his new track “Love Me So Good” through iTunes. I had the opportunity to ask the artist several questions regarding his music, plans for 2017, and favourite things. Continue reading to find out more!

First off, can you introduce yourself to Canadian Beats readers? 

Yessir, I’m Leondro

Who are your influences? 

Jay Z, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Gucci

You released your debut EP Leondro in 2016. Can you tell us about the process behind the album?

It was a body of work that embodies who I am as an individual. Just like the project, I have multiple variations to myself. I’ve had so many different experiences in life, what better way is there to share that rather than putting it into the music.  What did the typical writing session look like? A typical writing session for me requires a calm atmosphere, rather it be in a dark room or outside.  Whom, or what, have been some of your inspirations for tracks? Anybody in my life who I care about. If it’s an experience that has effected me in any shape or form, I can write about it.

How was the recording experience?

The recording process was interesting. It was a roller coaster of emotions. One day, I could be extremely satisfied with a song and another the opposite. However that’s the beauty of the experience. What were the standout moments for you? Every moment was great for its own reason.

Do you have a favourite song on the album?

No Why? Could you only love one of your kids?

What can fans look forward to seeing from you in 2017?

More music and more music ha ha! We’ll be hitting different cities, so the best thing to do is sign up for my news letter at

At Canadian Beats, we like to include a series of fun questions to allow fans to get to know you a bit more.

Who are your favourite Canadian artists? 

Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd, and Belly.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I already have super powers 😉 What would be the first thing you would want to do with it?

What was your favourite moment of 2016? 

Too many, I can’t pick one. This year has been amazing for me. I’ve meet so many amazing people, and I’ve seen the snakes come out the grass. What more can you ask for!

What is your New Years resolution?

To be honest, I don’t have one. Each day is an opportunity for improvement, why base it on one day.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers? 

I truly thank you for your time and your support. Being an indecent artist is hard, so when I have a platform like this to build my fan base I can be nothing but grateful. THANK YOU!

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