JP Maurice Set to Release New EP Next Week

Vancouver musician/producer JP Maurice is starting 2017 off on the right foot with the upcoming release of his EP Girls, out on January 13. To celebrate the new EP, a release party will be held at the The Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on January 14.

Following a tour across Canada and Europe and coming in 2nd on the PEAK Performance Project in 2015, Maurice suffered a loss in the family which in turn had him focus on channeling his emotions into art. After purchasing his own studio, Maurice began to produce other artists and worked to create a long list of song ideas. The end result of this is his upcoming EP Girls which holds onto a more modern sound that incorporates timeless sentiments such as love, loss and the twists and turns in between.

Girls EP Track Listing:
1. Standstill
2.  Go
3.  Goodbye
4.  Light Switch
5.  Big Change
6.  Shapeshifter


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