Countdown to Christmas 2016 – Christmas Traditions

We’ve come to our final Countdown to Christmas post, we hope you enjoyed finding out some of Canada’s bands/ artists First Thoughts of Christmas, Favourite Christmas Songs, Favourite Christmas Movies and Favourite Holiday Treats….now let’s find out about their Christmas Traditions!

Tell us about one of your Christmas traditions?

Every Christmas Night growing up my family and another family would get together. This tradition went back all the way before the kids were born because they were my parent’s friends. I think we had a streak of over 25 Christmas night’s in a row going! We would compare gifts, play new boardgames together, etc. Always fond memories <3 – Matt Dines (Lookalike)

Dancing to Christmas records while wearing festive onesies! (Marchildon)

Gathering together with family and friends to share stories and have drinks, while playing music all night long. We then wake up feeling terrible, and do it all over again. – Nate Hilts (The Dead South)

A jigsaw puzzle on the go. –Coco Love Alcorn

Our longest running tradition of going to our Granny’s and Papa’s house on Christmas Eve is ending this year!! One of our cousins is hosting this dinner for the first time in over 30 years. We’re a little sad, but excited for new traditions from the next generation! –Jason Petric (Petric)

Only one that matters, spending time with with my family and friends! –Alex St. Kitts

My dad and I usually go for a walk in the morning. The streets are totally empty. We find a coffee shop that’s open and take in the peace and calm.  –Max Kerman (Arkells)

My family has a bunch of traditions! My favourite is my brother and I record a song together in my studio. This year we are doing a tragically hip song. We’re pretty excited to get started on it! –Conor (KEEK)

Funny enough, music is at the heart of it.  After a long enjoyable dinner on Christmas eve, my family and I will gather round the piano and sing a bunch of Christmas songs and carols.  Its funny for me, as I spend most of my Decembers touring around the world singing Christmas songs.  That evening represents the end of the Christmas season. –Matt Dusk

Going on a horse sleigh ride with family to cut down a tree, drinking hot chocolate. –Brian Vain (Kansas Stone)

On Christmas Eve, my mom always makes a huge rappie pie for our family and for anyone who chooses to stop in for a visit that evening. It’s probably my favourite meal of the year. We always have lots left over, so we end up eating rappie pie again for breakfast on Christmas morning. I’m drooling already… -Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade)

Playing street hockey with one of my best buds across the street every Christmas Eve! No matter the weather! –Chad Brownlee

Every Christmas morning my family bakes a German bread called Stollen. It’s sweet and usually has frosting. We’ve been doing it ever since I can remember; it’s passed down by my great grandparents, who were German. My mom bakes the recipe now, and I hope to learn it from her someday. We also have a music jam on Boxing Day, and all sing songs and play guitar. That’s a tradition that’s very close to my heart also. –Kaia Kater

Going to church with my mother on xmas eve – Jimmy Romantic (Nevermind The Mute)

Getting frisky beside/under a Christmas tree , gotta get that done at least once a year – Jordan Krawczuk (Rival Town)

Back in England just after the turkey is put in the oven on christmas day we always walk along the canal to a tiny pub that maybe holds 20 people. We’ll play darts or cards and have a few beers before heading home to the smell of Christmas dinner! –Peter & Denise (100 Mile House)

Large Family times, Christmas around the bay and the never ending circuit of love, laughs and turkey naps back to town. Life is good come Christmas. –Chris Hynes (Hot x Proxy)

For me, I feel like my Christmas traditions are in flux. One thing that is always constant is midnight mass at both my grandmother’s church and at the church I attend. There is something special about the energy in the room that evening. So much happiness and excitement. –Julia Weir (Quiet Parade)

Baileys and coffee on Xmas eve with the family. –Matt Davey (Kansas Stone)

The biggest tradition is to spend the holiday season with my parents. Also, every year at my parents house, my dad has a huge bonfire on December 23rd to celebrate the December solstice. He extends an open invitation to the people of the community and its just a feel good night of meeting new people and catching up with old friends.  – Adam Baxter

One of my favourite traditions is breakfast on Christmas morning. My family background is Italian, so every Christmas we eat this sweetened bread/cake from Italy called panettone. It’s really light, so it doesn’t interfere with stuffing your face through the rest of the day with Christmas goodies. Plus, you get to eat literal cake for breakfast without getting a lecture on proper eating habits. –Sara (Among Legends)

My traditions are rather simple. Pretty much every year my fiancé and I drive up north to visit his family for christmas eve, then we drive back to Toronto Christmas morning to do Christmas dinner/night with my extended families. –Tafari Anthony

On Christmas Eve, our family goes to the evening Christmas mass. The deal is, if my brother and I behave, we’re allowed to open one present of our choosing from under the tree before Santa comes!  -Shae Dupuy

We usually have a big party and house show at Casa Del Stratton. Every time we’ve ever had it there ends up being a huge snow storm though, so pack an overnight bag! –Willie Stratton

There are about ten guys in my family consisting of brothers cousins dads uncles and brother in laws and we all usual grow out mustaches for the Xmas holiday. –Daniel Wesley

Mine and Indie’s family is made up of a bunch of musicianas so we usually put on a Christmas concert or go and play at senior citizens centres! 😉 – Kyle McKearney (The New Electric)

[On] Christmas morning, my family all drinks mimosas and have pancakes and we do a traditional bread pudding after Turkey in the evening that’s been in my family for generations. –Nolen Scott (Within Rust)

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve as we finish wrapping Christmas Presents. –Bobbi Richards (RootBone)

Don’t really have one to be honest. I think maybe playing board games and drinking rum on Xmas Eve. –Jon Landry (The Stanfields)

At our house we listen to A Christmas Gift For You by Phil Spector (the greatest Christmas album ever!) while we decorate the tree. Then I redecorate the tree when the kids are in bed because I have a thing about proper ornament spacing. -Dave Wasilyw (Doc Walker)

My mom always let my brothers and I open up one gift on Christmas Eve, which was always something to look forward to. –Connor Booth (Quiet Parade)

Visiting my parents place and climbing the giant snow mountain in the middle of the court. It must be climbed! – Uforia

We usually host a little Christmas party at Holly’s place as the holidays draw near each year. We invite the people we’ve worked closely with throughout the year as a thank you for all their great work as well as an excuse to spend time together and let our collective hair down. We also do a four person Secret Santa which keeps us from each having to buy four gifts, but also creates a fun challenge as we try to keep everything secret while spending as much time together as we do! –Ginger Ale and the Monowhales

This year will be my first Christmas in Toronto. Usually I would go back home to Kenora and we would have all sorts of amazing traditions- like a Christmas Day snowmobile ride over the frozen lake or going tobogganing down the hill at the end of my street. This year, my partner and I are going to take it easy and have a cozy day in our pjs. I think it will be the start of new traditions and I’m pretty excited for that.  – Brooklyn Doran

My family used to have Christmas with a different booze theme every year.  The Baily’s Christmas,  the Whiskey Christmas, the Tequila Christmas (that one was memorable)  We would drink the designated booze and play board games.  Everyone’s a winner when you’re too wasted to keep score! –Erin Costelo

Watching the McCartney Years DVD, decorating the Christmas tree Chevy Chase Style and having a big sit down dinner with family.  –Andrew Johnston

Favourite is probably tibbs eve. a bunch of family gets together and travels house to house. snacking/ drinking/ playing music. Typical newfoundland stuff…. –Jonathon Reid (Beauwater)

Every Christmas eve me and 5 of my close pals go for a skate on the bannerman loop, then I go home and read “Twas the night before christmas” with the fam and hop in bed. That sequence of events as one big tradition is my favourite part of christmas – Luke Tremblett (Rough Hands)

Every Christmas we head to my Gramma White Hair and Papa Backhoe’s place for dinner. There’s usually 20 or so people there downstairs. It looks like the last supper. The room is filled with great family and close family friends. More food and desserts than you could imagine. Everybody is usually in great cheer. It’s really nice to see people so close to you happy and smiling. “A smile is the greatest weapon you could ever own.” Ya know? – Andre Pettipas (Andre Pattipas and the Giants)

I almost always go ice fishing with my grandpa or uncles. I look forward to it every year 🙂  -Lexi Strate

Well I don’t want to give away all the details because it is a little bit of a secret family tradition. On Christmas Eve every year my parents and I dance around the living room to this really embarrassing old children’s Christmas songs. We keep this one hidden because people would probably think we were crazy if they saw us but we’ve done it since I was a kid and I’m glad we can still enjoy this silly moment together as a family every year. -Nicole Rayy

We always used to get to open 1 present before Christmas and it was always a fresh pair of pajamas. (Bombargo)

This may seem a tad maudlin or melancholy…but after my Pop Mugford died (fairly close to Christmas), my brother Stephen and I began a tradition we call The Vinyl Toast, which happens one evening during Christmas week. It’s now in it’s 10th year. It’s an opportunity to spin some records, drink some whiskey, beginning with a dram of Bell’s in Pop’s honour (since that’s what he always had tucked away in a cabinet by the dart board) and celebrate the lives of those who are no longer with us. The records and songs that are spun typically have some significance to those whom we are toasting. Needless to say, the list has grown over the past decade. But it’s a tradition I’m very proud of. To look back at the end of the year and reflect on our own mortality, our place in the world and the preciousness of life. It helps put everything in perspective as we head into a new year, remembering not only what we’ve lost but appreciating all that we have. –Andrew Dale (The Once)

Every Christmas Eve, my family meets at a pier by my house and we shotgun beers and eat peanuts for my Grandpa who passed away on Christmas Eve about 8 years ago. –Nick Weber (Pigeon Park)

We always seem to end up ice-fishing or playing hockey, or both. Growing up we had one tv channel (CBC) so we pretty much lived outdoors. Hockey on the pond was a big part of Christmas for us. –Dean Brody

Making ice castles from saved containers all year, milk cartons, margarine tubs and freezing on the deck and trying to put it all together while we freeze outside. – Sunday Wilde

On Christmas Eve my family and I always watch a Christmas movie (also accompanied by rum and eggnog).   –Ken Yates

One that is really special is my families Christmas Eve, I get to see cousins and more distant relatives that are such amazing people and we have been getting together on Christmas Eve since I was a little kid. Christmas day I spend with my immediate family and it is always a great time.  – Danny Miles (July Talk)

Well, my fam is a bit weird. We open all of our gifts from each other on Christmas Eve and all the gifts from Santa on Christmas Day. So Christmas Eve is pretty big party for us. My favourite night of the year. –Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions)

For the past few years it’s been a goal of mine to try and watch one Christmas movie per night in December. I never achieve it, but there’s real effort put in, for sure. –Gabriela Geneva

Where I grew up; and I don’t know if any other places do this, but at night on Christmas Eve, Santa is escorted down every street in my town on a fire truck completely covered in Christmas lights and is accompanied by two police cars. It’s just lights and sirens and bells and whistles. You can hear and see when Santa is getting close to your street so the whole neighbourhood runs outside to wave to Santa driving by on a fire truck. I’m not making this up. This has happened every year for as long as I can remember and you can bet your ass on Christmas Eve I’ll be running outside to say hi to Santa on a lit up fire truck.  –Matt Campbell (Alert The Medic)

Every Christmas Eve, my dad puts on a firework display for us in the yard! He’s only accidentally hit my car twice... –David James

On the DVD of Rare Exports, there’s a short film in the special features, called Rare Exports Inc. It’s seven minutes long (you can find it on Vimeo), and at some point, my father’s bound to suggest that we watch it. I think it’s replaced listening to Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales. I’m already looking forward to it. It’s like our annual cigarette. –Corin Raymond

I don’t really recall having many traditions,  it was always just nice to have the family together.  I’m not a materialistic person at Christmas so gifts aren’t really a thing, I just really love being with the people in my life.  Excited to be back in London this year for Christmas for the first time in a VERY long time. –Jessica Mitchell

And that’s the end of this year’s Countdown To Christmas, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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