Countdown to Christmas 2016 – Favourite Christmas Treats

It’s another day closer to Christmas, and that means it’s time for another Countdown to Christmas post! The fun started on Dec 20th with “First Thoughts of Christmas“, then we found out their “Favourite Christmas Songs“ and yesterday, their “Favourite Christmas Movies”. Now today, it’s all about the goodies…Christmas treats that is!

What is your all-time favourite Holiday treat?

My grandma’s gingerbread cookies. –Max Kerman (Arkells)

My grandfather was a pastry chef and he would make some mean gingerbread cookies. –Nick Weber (Pigeon Park)

Rum and Eggnog –Andrew Johnston

Oh wow, Toffiffee. I gain 5 lbs every Christmas and start napping halfway through the day ’cause I really have no self-control around these things! –Dean Brody

My Grandma Diane’s ginger-cream cookies. –Coco Love Alcorn

Peanut butter – chocolate balls… Did I mention I love chocolate? –Tafari Anthony

Stuffing and gravy…I know it’s not a treat to most but I love it. Mmmm now I’m hungry. –Brian Vain (Kansas Stone)

Rum and Egg Nog…on the rocks (with no ice.) – Andre Pettipas (Andre Pattipas and the Giants)

Our grandma’s brownies and our mom’s perogies!! –Jason Petric (Petric)

It changes with age, but recently I’ve really been enjoying hot mulled wine.  Its made with red wine along with various mulling spices, and oranges.  Always served hot its a great way to unwind after a long cold winters day. –Matt Dusk

My favorite Christmas treat is Rabanadas. It’s Portuguese style French toast that my family usually makes at Christmas. We have it every year, and it’s one of the things that my entire family looks forward to. It’s so good – everyone should try it. –Anthony (Amond Legends)

Swiss Chalet Festive Special. Every year myself and Dave go crazy over that! Swiss Chalet has always been a little bit of a running gag with us and our band members over the years but we gotta get those lindor chocolates!  – Matt Dines (Lookalike)

Christmas Shortbread Cookies – Jimmy Romantic (Nevermind The Mute)

My grandmother’s plum pudding, with the sauce like she used to make it. My Aunt Beth’s still got it down. Oh, and Yorkshire pudding – all the puddings, really. –Corin Raymond

Egg NOG And HAM. I don’t mean together. I do I ? –Chris Hynes (Hot x Proxy)

Anything with Pumpkin spice! –Alex St. Kitts

I love a good homemade butter tart. –Brooklyn Doran

Denise makes the cheese cookies for our annual fundraiser that are now referred as crack cookies because they are the first thing to sell out and you can’t stop eating them! She has to hide them from me during the build up to Christmas. –Peter & Denise (100 Mile House)

Eggnog, hands down. –Kaia Kater

My mother is an all-star when it comes to Christmas cookies. She probably has about 12 different types of cookies on the go during the holidays. My favourite ones are brown sugar cookies that are shaped like snowflakes and decorated with thin lines of white icing. –Julia Weir (Quiet Parade)

Holiday treat would be advent calendar chocolate or Terry’s chocolate orange. –Nolen Scott (Within Rust)

Marshmallow squares. I can only eat one but man it’s good! – Nate Hilts (The Dead South)

My friend Drew’s parents make him this treat called ‘Nuts n’ Boltz’. It’s like Bits & Bites x1000. It only comes around during Christmas and I love it! – Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions)

My mom’s baked beans. –Jon Landry (The Stanfields)

Egg Nog, no question! – Kyle McKearney (The New Electric)

We’re all a little bit different when it comes to our tastes. Sally loves a nice cold glass of vegan eggnog. Zach loves eating sugar cookies by the fire, Jordan loves a good slice of panettone, and Holly enjoys a fresh mince pie by the light of the Christmas tree. –Ginger Ale and the Monowhales

I never had the privilege of having someone in the family who could cook/bake very well, so I’m going to have to choose the standard candy cane. Never fails.  –Connor Booth (Quiet Parade)

My mom and I bake lots of holiday treats together every year but there is one that has always been my favourite. They are Chocolate Cranberry Bars. They have this wafer crumb chocolate cookie based and they are topped with dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. MMMM –Nicole Rayy

My mom’s raisin butter tarts. I refuse to know how they are made. I know they are unhealthy, but I don’t need to know just how unhealthy they are. –Dave Wasilyw (Doc Walker)

I love coming home to a big pile of Christmas sugar cookies, especially if they’re dusted with red and green sprinkles – not the rounded, coated sprinkles, but the sprinkles that sort of look like glitter. Can’t keep my hands off them. –Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade)

Ribbon candy! –Willie Stratton

My fave treat is shortbread cookies! –Matt Davey (Kansas Stone)

Rum and eggnog. That’s considered a treat right? –Chad Brownlee

B & B by the fire. –Bobbi Richards (RootBone)

Oh man, that’s tough! If I have to pick one, I’d say my grandma’s pierogies! Having Ukrainian heritage is AWESOME! –David James

My homemade gingerbread cookies! –Shae Dupuy

Well…I’d say the best holiday treat I ever received was when Erin moved to St. John’s with her two cats to live with me, about 10 days before Christmas…so, six years to the day that I’m writing this! It was by far the best Christmas present I ever received. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary earlier this year. –Andrew Dale (The Once)

Rum and Egg Nog – Danny Miles (July Talk)

I swear I’m not endorsed by Starbucks, but I absolutely cannot get enough of their cranberry bliss bars. UGH. PERFECTION. –Gabriela Geneva

Turkey dinner?  Is that a treat? If you eat it at 2pm, maybe? and then again at 6pm.  –Erin Costelo

Rum and Eggnog –Ken Yates

Reno’s homemade beverage, one year he made lemon gin and mixed it with blueberry cordial. –Sunday Wilde

Anything baked.  I love cookies or brownies.  Topped off with some egg nog!  -Jessica Mitchell

Shortbread cookies or the marshmallow peanut butter jumble things – Jordan Krawczuk (Rival Town)

My parents always buy a boat load of fresh fruit, so I always associate clementines and cherries with Christmas. Regardless of how much candy and junk food there is around, the fruit always gets devoured first. – Adam Baxter

Definitely turkey. -Jonathon Reid (Beauwater)

Panatone (Italian style sweet bread) –Uforia

My mom used to make snowball cookies when I was a kid. They’re chocolate with white icing sugar. I remember downing about a dozen of them and then going outside to build snow forts for six hours. These days, I’d have to say spiced rum and egg nog. I down about a dozen of them and then go outside to build snow forts for six hours. –Matt Campbell (Alert The Medic)

Sandys.  My mom makes these cookies with chocolate chips in them. – Daniel Wesley

Favourite holiday treat is a Terrys Chocolate Orange. I know they sell them year round, but I get one in my stocking every year and usually dummy it in an hour – Luke Tremblett (Rough Hands)

Baileys and Coffee followed by spiked egg nog! –Marchildon

My mom’s shortbread cookies. –Lexi Strate

I’m a big fan of the total turkey dinner experience. My grandma also makes some mean Swedish baking along with some Swedish pickled herring that is always a real treat!  -Bombargo

Join us tomorrow, for our final Countdown to Christmas post, all about Favourite Christmas Traditions!

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