Countdown To Christmas 2016: Favourite Christmas Movies/ Specials

We’re having so much fun sharing some of Canada’s talented artists/bands Christmas favourites with you. The fun started on Dec 20th with “First Thoughts of Christmas“, and continued yesterday with “Favourite Christmas Songs“. Today, we are on to our next topic, which is a fun one…

What is your favourite Christmas movie or special?

Probably the old claymation cartoons (like rudolph, and those) I can’t really nail it down to one. –Jonathon Reid (Beauwater)

The original of the Grinch that Stole Christmas. –Alex St. Kitts

Tie between Home Alone, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation and Mr. Bean’s Christmas episodes. I’ve never been a fan of older Christmas movies so growing up in the 90s/00s these were the regulars for me.  – Matt Dines (Lookalike)

Die Hard – because what’s Christmas without Nakatomi Plaza? An even better gem is the Finnish fantasy Rare Exports, which we’ve seen every year since 2010. It’s about the original Santa, who wasn’t so nice – so Miracle on 34th Street it ain’t! But it’s a ton of fun, and delivers that feeling of wonder we’re all looking for – because nobody understands Christmas magic like the Finns. –Corin Raymond

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Classic! –Dean Brody

I LOVE How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The live action one with Jim Carrey. We watch it every year <3 –Gabriela Geneva

The romantic comedy ‘Love, Actually!’  -Kaia Kater

Home Alone! –Max Kerman (Arkells)

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (TV Special) with Yukon Cornelius and the Misfit toys…I would definitely live on that island. –Brian Vain (Kansas Stone)

A toss up between Home Alone and The Grinch (cartoon). I remember watching the Grinch several times with my mother every year during Christmas…not to mention the carols on the show were great. As for Home Alone…Who didn’t want to be Kevin McAllister growing up? A smart kid full of whit that loves pranks. Those two are definitely Christmas staples.– Andre Pettipas (Andre Pattipas and the Giants)

Muppet Christmas Carol – Jimmy Romantic (Nevermind the Mute)

Elf is a classic! Home Alone is a great Christmas movie too. –Jason Petric (Petric)

Home Alone is definitely up there for us, we watched that together last year which was a lot of fun. –Holly Jamieson (Ginger Ale and the Monowhales)

I know Denise loves Charlie Brown but we have a tradition of watching Love Actually on Christmas Eve and playing the drinking game. It was the first movie we ever saw together 13 years ago so it always takes me back to that. And its based in London which will always make me sentimental! –Peter & Denise (100 Mile House)

Home alone   We all learned so much from kevin growing up. –Daniel Wesley

Again, there are several…more recent comedies such as Elf and Home Alone…even more recent being Bill Murray’s Netflix special,  A Very Murray Christmas, which is just a delight…to the heartwarming classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th St. And of course, the various incarnations of A Christmas Carol, my favourite probably being the Muppets’ rendition. I think that crowd nailed it (although I also have soft spot for the Albert Finney musical adaptation, which my brother Chris and I still watch every year). But if I had to choose one, I’d probably go with A Charlie Brown Christmas. The message that Charles M. Schulz relays is simple and profound in it’s beauty. And Vince Guaraldi’s music is perfection. –Andrew Dale (The Once)

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen.
I’m also game for a Christmas day Harry Potter marathon. –Brooklyn Doran

My favourite Christmas movie wavers between Home Alone (classic) and A Christmas Story (timeless). They’re both excellent in their own right. When it comes to Christmas specials, however, it’s hard to beat A Charlie Brown Christmas. –Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade)

I think every generation has a different Christmas movie they grow up on. Mine was definitely Home Alone. I’ve seen it a million times but it doesn’t feel like Christmas without it. –Matt Campbell (Alert The Medic)

Home Alone! –Shae Dupuy

The cool answer seenms to be “Die Hard” but Jon Maclean brought that whole mess on himself..’s a tie between the claymation Rudolph and home alone 2. Lost in New York. –Chris Hynes (Hot x Proxy)

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation –Andrew Johnston

Bill Murray’s Scrooged.  The comedic take on Dickens The Christmas Carol is just a riot.  I can watch that movie every year over and over again. –Matt Dusk

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. It has so many classic lines that’ll never get old. I always watch it a couple times a year and I’ve never gotten tired of it. It’s easily one of my favourite parts of the holidays. –Cameron (Among Legends)

Elf! –Chad Brownlee

The Grinch! I love the version with Jim Carrey. I watch it a few times during the holiday season. I’ve already watched it once this December, but I will definitely watch it again before Christmas; it’s just that good! –Nicole Rayy

My favourite Christmas movie is probably Elf! –Nolen Scott (Within Rust)

Hard to beat A Very Murray Christmas. Bill is back in full form in this special.  –Connor Booth (Quiet Parade)

I love Elf! Will Ferrell is so funny in that flick. Also, The Grinch is a definite go-to! Love me some Whoville! – Kyle McKearney (The New Electric)

A Christmas Story. –Matt Davey (Kansas Stone)

Favourite Christmas movie is without a doubt A Christmas Story! –Willie Stratton

Haha, well obviously Home Alone 2! –Nick Weber (Pigeon Park)

Mary Poppins. –Coco Love Alcorn

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. – Nate Hilts (The Dead South)

My favourite Christmas movie is actually the one that everyone seems to hate. I am a big fan of the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I also think Elf is excellent. –Julia Weir (Quiet Parade)

It’s A Wonderful Life (We watch it every Christmas Eve) and the Grinch of course. . .  And The Polar Express. –Bobbi Richards (RootBone)

l would have to say Bad Santa with Billy Bob. I got to hang out with Billy Bob’s son Willy on New Years a couple of years ago and he is an amazing guy which made me love that movie even more. –Danny Miles (July Talk)

Definitely the Home Alone movies. Just 1 and 2 though. Haha –Conor (KEEK)

A Christmas Story (“Fffffuuuudge!”) -Dave Wasilyw (Doc Walker)

I don’t know if it is a Christmas Movie but it was always on at Christmas.  Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland.  Have Yourself  a Merry Little Christmas is from this movie.  –Erin Costelo

Gremlins. –Marchildon

It’s a tough choice but probably between Muppets Christmas and A Christmas Story.  The scene with the plate of potatoes and the kid eating it like a literal pig makes me laugh so hard every time. –Jessica Mitchell

A Christmas story , with Ralphy and the red rider Beebee gun , I looked like him when I was younger – Jordan Krawczuk (Rival Town)

Charlie Brown’s Christmas –Jon Landry (The Stanfields)

NOTTA – We Play music and play scrabble. Family visiting is no time for TV, although we did look forward to watching Black Mass one Christmas. –Sunday Wilde

Elf! I probably watch it at least three times every Christmas season 😀 – Lexi Strate

National lampoons Christmas vacation, I’ve probably watched that movie over 50 times. I also enjoy home alone 1 & 2 and nearly any other holiday classic! -Bombargo

The Muppet Family Christmas and A Garfield Christmas. (Technically Die Hard is a Christmas movie too, but Ill stick with the two classics) – Adam Baxter

Home Alone! –David James

Mickey’s Christmas Carol –Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions)

Home Alone 1 & 2 –Uforia

“Polar Express” – I’m a sucker for a great animated film. Plus, watching it now reminds me of being back home with my sisters watching it all together. – Tafari Anthony

Die Hard (yes it’s a Christmas movie) –Ken Yates

That Bill murray special they put out last year with phoenix in it is pretty sweet – Luke Tremblett (Rough Hands)

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