Countdown To Christmas 2016: First Thoughts

At Canadian Beats, we decided to ask some of Canada’s talented artists a series of five holiday themed questions. Each day starting today (December 20) until December 24 we will feature one of these questions, and answers from over 50 of your favourite Canadian artists/ bands!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas?

Mom n Dad’s woodstove and snow-laden trees back home in BC. –Dean Brody

The first thing I think of when I think of Christmas is probably snow! Christmas isn’t the same when there is no snow on the ground. –Julia Weir (Quiet Parade)

I have this old home video that was recorded at my house around Christmas time. I think I was seven. I try to watch it every year. It totally captures my excitement for Christmas time as a kid and that’s what comes to mind when I think of Christmas. –Matt Campbell (Alert The Medic)

Being half-jewish, Hannukah.  –Max Kerman (Arkells)

Family. –Andrew Dale (The Once)

The Stanley Park Train in Vancouver. My family has gone to this since I was born and it always gives me that feeling of Christmas. Now my kids enjoy this tradition as well. – Daniel Wesley

For the past two years we’ve put together little Christmas videos and released them online so the first thing that comes to mind during the holiday season is what song we should sing this year! Aside from that we love spending time with our friends and family. – Holly Jamieson (Ginger Ale and the Monowhales)

Spending time with friends and family and have an excuse to tell them how wonderful you think they are! –Peter & Denise (100 Mile House)

I think of waking up on a cozy morning, wearing pjs all day, drinking coffee and Baileys and spending time with someone you love. –Brooklyn Doran

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas.  When I was a kid, every Christmas was spent at my grandparents house.  It was the same every year.  Grandma in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.  Grandpa in the living room hanging each glass blown ornament with care.  And there I would be in front of the vinyl record player listening to Bing’s famous album White Christmas.  Nothing sends me down memory lane than music. –Matt Dusk

First thing that comes to mind is family. Family, friends and great food. –Brian Vain (Kansas Stone)

The fireplace at my parents’ house. Our tree is always in the living room, and we have a fireplace in there, so throughout the holidays – even when it’s unseasonably warm – we’ll have a fire going while we all hang out together. It’s the perfect addition to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, making everything feel really cozy and warm. –Mitchell (Among Legends)

Shell Lake, Saskatchewan. It’s where I’ve spent Christmas with my family almost every single year. –Lexi Strate

Snow, fireplaces, warmth and whiskey! –Nate Hilts (The Dead South)

I think of being a kid and my grandfather having a cigarette on the porch – he’d already quit when I knew him, but he allowed himself one a year, which he’d smoke after dinner on Christmas day. –Corin Raymond

Definitely getting outside and enjoying the Christmas season! Be it hockey with the buds, tobogganing with my nephews or a family snowball fight! –David James

Plains, Trains and Automobiles – those aren’t pillows! –Andrew Johnston

Trees, eggnog, wreaths; most things of red and green color. –Connor Booth (Quiet Parade)

Probably the music. It’s in the air everywhere, and finds its way into malls and grocery stores. I know Christmas is really on its way when I start hearing a Christmas carols in every genre across the airwaves. –Kaia Kater

Home Alone 2! –Nick Weber (Pigeon Park)

The lights! People usually aim to get their Christmas lights up a bit earlier than all the other decorations, so they act as the first indication that Christmas is on its way. I love taking a drive around the city to try and hunt down the best displays while listening to Christmas music on the radio.  –Trevor Murphy (Quiet Parade)

Snow, and Christmas lights!! Winnipeg usually looks like a winter wonderland this time of year. –Jason Petric (Petric)

The Christmas scene! Fireplace, Christmas tree, cookies for Santa, presents, Elf rolling on the TV, lots of family around wearing Christmas sweaters, and cranberry sauce! – Kyle McKearney (The New Electric)

I used to be a total Scrooge at Christmas time.  “It’s too cold out!” “Why do we need to spend all this money on frivolous gifts?” But now I am starting to embrace the season.  I decorated my door with a wreath and brought a Christmas tree for the first time.  My favorite thing now is dressing up my little chihuahua in Christmas sweaters.  –Erin Costelo

The first thing that comes to mind with Christmas is how my dog and cat have their own stockings and how adorable that is. –Nolen Scott (Within Rust)

Family. –Chad Brownlee

100% agree with Brian. Family and Feasts. –Matt Davey (Kansas Stone)

Playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of  Time. While listening to rage against the machine. –Chris Hynes (Hot x Proxy)

Obviously I would have to say family and friends. Being on the road touring so much I value every moment I get with family and friends and July Talk is always off over the holidays so I get see everyone which is always a good time. –Danny Miles (July Talk)

Chocolate… Lots and lots of chocolate! –Tafari Anthony

How do I avoid going to Costco for the month of December? -Dave Wasilyw (Doc Walker)

The lights and the hot spicy drinks! –Gabriela Geneva

FOOD. Particularly deserts. –Willie Stratton

Christmas for me is spending time with friends and family & reflecting on the year.  –Jessica Mitchell

The most wonderful time of the year, LITERALLY. I Love Christmas! –Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions)

Big awesome family get togethers. –Bombargo

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Christmas is spending time with my friends and family, having some parties and singing Christmas songs! –Conor (KEEK)

The cozy feeling of our living room with our Stockings hung above the fire place. –Bobbi Richards (RootBone)

Skiing season has arrived! –Ken Yates

Family and food! I’m thankful to be able to spend time with the people I love over the holiday season and enjoy delicious meals together. – Nicole Rayy

Much needed rest.It seems like I sleep better this time of year, (probably because of all the beer & turkey) –Jonathon Reid (Beauwater)

Egg Nog – Matt Dines (Lookalike)

Family and Food. –Sunday Wilde

Liver: I thought summer was over?
Me: Friends and family are home…time to get working hard again, friend.

Haha, honestly what first comes to mind is waking up early (3 am…not sure if we actually slept) as a kid on Christmas with my brother and sister. We used to run upstairs and wake up our parents and open all of our gifts. When it was all said and done I would go back to my bedroom and put on the newest edition of Don Cherry’s Rock Em Sock Em.- Andre Pettipas (Andre Pettipas and the Giants)

Snowfall, hot chocolate and Christmas music -Uforia

Festive Onesies  -Marchildon

Spending time with my parents – Jimmy Romantic (Nevermind The Mute)

Snow! I can’t imagine Christmas without it! –Shae Dupuy

Singing in harmony with my family. –Coco Love Alcorn

Getting the power to ask for something way to expensive!  – Jordan Krawczuk (Rival Town)

When I think of Christmas, I think of my family and parent’s farm in rural Nova Scotia. Christmas is usually a time where my professional and social life stop so I can enjoy some much deserved family time. – Adam Baxter

Christmas instantly means laughing with your family paired with that warm sensation in your cheeks when you drink too much wine with supper.  – Luke Tremblett (Rough Hands)

Turkey Dinner –Jon Landry (The Stanfields)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out their favourite Christmas songs are!

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