Show Review – Big City Lights

Artists: Big City Lights
When: December 10, 2016
Venue: The Music Hall Nightclub & Concert Theatre
Genre: Country

The subtle whisper of a fog machine, coupled with the dark room was the final touch in crafting the perfect stage for Big City Lights to open. The sweet solo of the lead guitarist Keith Dream complimented the ethereal dreamscape. He in turn was silhouetted against the band’s logo on the backdrop, creating a delicious level of anticipation.

At the end of his melody, the lights came up revealing the entire band that launched into a high-energy performance. With such up beat, good-natured, and downright fun country songs, it was easy to lose track of time. Through the night, the band treated an ardent and invigorated crowd to two new unreleased songs, “Potential” and “Alone With You” which were both met with enthusiasm.  Both songs will appear on their eagerly awaited debut album launching in 2017.

The five-piece, four-vocalist band out of the Greater Toronto Area consists of Justin Cooper (lead vocals/guitar), Lauren Lamando-MacLeod (vocals/keys/mandolin), Keith Dream (lead guitar/vocals), Johnny Gregson (bass/vocals), and Kevin Ferguson (drums). A playful banter between singers that encompassed much of the space kept the stage alive, always moving, and contagiously energized.

Justin and Lauren often left their instruments to focus on vocals and kept the intensity going! Both Keith and Johnny entertained the crowds with moves that one would expect at a rock concert. All the while, Kevin held the band in sync and made his presence known with a thundering drum line that was not to be ignored.  Big City Lights offers a performance that isn’t limited to song, but rather encompasses the entire stage. Their genuine interactions with the audience were fun and heartfelt.

Big City Lights commanded the stage with a veteran presence through the night. The crowd demanded an encore and was rewarded with a flawless rendition of  “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac.

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