New video released by Ronley Teper

The third & final video in Ronley Teper‘s new video trilogy has been released. “Lucky and Finnegan” which is based on a live recorded song is a surreal short animated film which narrates the adventure of mystical creatures racing toward a new world of self-discovery within a shamanic experience. The video for “Lucky and Finnegan” is a mixed media animation created by Davide Di Saro.

“A colourful vision of a surreal voyage through enchanted forests, gloomy haunted houses, monstrous magical towers, giant walking volcanoes and vertiginous space-time warps. The video showcases Davide’s experiments with hand made illustrations and low frame rate vintage-style classic animation. The film went through the film festival cycle, and was nominated for the prestiges Jutra award. The creatures are characters created from Davide’s dream diary.”

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