Review – ONI

Album: Ironshore
Release Date: November 25, 2016
Genre: Progressive Metal

ONI has crawled from the dark, and much like their mythical namesake, they have shape shifted into a violent, brutal and demonic force then might have been expected. Carefully overseen by none other than Josh Wilbur, the mastermind producer of heavy hitters like Lamb of God, this Ontario based nightmare is set to spread its tendrils throughout the music world.

The album rises slowly, malevolently teasing the listener into a sense familiarity, only to change shape into a controlled, albeit chaotic experiment in aggression. Virtually every song on the album shows a different face, pushing the musicianship and talent of each member of the band and beautifully showcasing their diversity. Energetic and inspirational this is an album for that special place in the hearts of man, reserved only for the strongest of demonic possessions.

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