Review – Colonico

Album: Chapters
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Genre: Rock

Welland, Ontario solo artist, Colonico has released his debut album.  Chapters takes the singer-songwriter genre and flips it on its head with a more than welcomed classic rock influence, making not only for a great record, but a refreshing on at that.

Over the course of the seven tracks on Chapters, Colonico captures a number of vibes, giving the album a unique sense of variety.  The crunching rock of the opening track, “With You” contrasts greatly from the blues inspired “Learn And Burn” and from the rhythmic, uplifting, and upbeat “Another Day” (which features some phenomenal vocal harmonies).  Colonico has the great ability to create excellent songs out of very simple ideas, each distinct from one another, and each progressing in a manner which allows for the song to become even more exciting as they go.  Every song is great, and each one grows in such a natural yet subtle way.  The piano driven ballad, “Changes In Your Life” is an excellent example of this as it grows to include pounding drums, chugging guitars, and an interesting vocal melody, all standing strong on top the original piano motif.  The closing track, “Back With You” which features the wonderful vocals of Valerie Borghesi, is no different as the song expands to include a light organ and clean electric guitar.  Such additions are obviously well thought out, and enter so subtly and smoothly that they are only apparent through a deeper listen, again making the song writing skills of Colonico that of a sophisticated taste and matured experience.

Song writing aside, Colonico has an excellent voice.  In fact, dare I say, his combined song writing talent and vocal timbre remind me of what a solo album by Dave Grohl would sound like. Yep, small town Colonico reminds me greatly of one of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll.  From the very first song I found myself immediately pulled into his work and blown away by his voice.  This is especially apparent on “Before She Leaves” which surrounds his echoing calls in layers of intertwining acoustic guitars.  Though, it is the Jack Johnson inspired “The Dream” that is my favorite track on the album.  With a far more funky pulse and a driven groove, the track pulls the album in yet another direction of possibilities.  As I listen to Chapters again and again, however, I find it hard to stand by only having one favorite.

Chapters is a near flawless record.  From the crisp production, to the expert performances, and the song writing which I cannot praise enough, the record is a must hear for anyone.  There is so much genre bending on this album that there is something that nearly anyone can find to enjoy.  My only fault with the record is its length: seven songs is not enough.  I am quite thrilled with Chapters and Colonico may have just become one of my favorite up and coming artists.  Be sure to check him and his stellar debut, Chapters, out!

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