Review – Sparrows

Album: Let The Silence Stay Where it Was
Release Date: Oct 14, 2016
Genre: Punk

Toronto punk band, Sparrows released their full length album Let The Silence Stay Where It Was on October 14. Around the release of the album, they played shows in the US and Canada and have another Toronto show lined up for December.

If you’re a fan of bands like Real Friends and The Story So Far, you would really enjoy this album by Sparrows. It is the typical punk sound with their own unique twist. It carries the characteristics like the emphasized guitar, long riffs and upbeat drum beats with vocals that both stand out and lets the music not just rest in the background.

However, what they add is their heavier vocals in certain areas and more hard-core intros and drums than would most likely be heard on a punk album.  A good example of this would be in the songs “If We Make it Over the Mountain” and “Cave Eater”.

Their sound is versatile. Not only can they do hard core, and classic punk, but they know how to work their personality as a band into slower songs.

This is a genre I hold near to me and love exploring more and more bands. This is the one of the first Canadian based punk bands that really capture that genuine sound I have heard yet. This album for sure will be added to a few of my playlists.

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