Review – JW-Jones

Album: High Temperature
Release date: October 28,2016
Genre: Blues

This newly released album from JW-Jones called High Temperature is a deep rooted blues album to add to your collection of Canadian Blues sounds. This Maple Blues Award winner and Juno nominee is on point with his messages and tracks.
“High Temperature” :
A definite number 1 on the album. A high energy story and the facts about our (mens) sexy hot woman walking into our lives, in the hottest way ever that created that high fever in you with symptoms of sweaty palms and butterflies. etc.
The runner up for me is “Wham“. The reason being that the instrumentals and vibe that it gives off with the rockabilly  sound that makes your legs start moving and your feet start to tap!! I like the energy straight through this song.  The music itself is so good that it’s all you will desire on this album.
I found myself to be a definite supporter of this release from JW-Jones. Give it a listen, you may find yourself in the same boat as me.
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