New video released by Lucid AfterLife

Vancouver progressive groove rockers LUCID AFTERLIFE are challenging musical composition with each song that they have been writing since 2012. Their name is more of a destination than a title for vocalist Nat Jack who hopes to inspire fans to be as unbridled as their music. The collective vision for the band is driven by Nat at the forefront, guitarist Thom Turner (Freya), Miles Morrsion on Bass, and Matthew Shearlaw on drums.

The band’s diversity allows them to explore all creative avenues and continue to be a flexible group that could be hailed for their hip-hop sensibilities and rock dynamics in one review. Instrumentally they draw on their myriad of influences including David Bowie, Monster Magnet, Wu-Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin, and finally A Perfect Circle.

Their next EP ‘Occult Mafia Mistress’ (release date to be determined) is a collection of songs that lyrically conjure out a certain aspect of Jack’s psyche, a part he is learning to respect and accept. It represents the part of humanity that remains hidden and needs to be drawn out from an internal dialogue that fans can have with each song. The writing process begins to take shape in the lyrics, which touch on indulgence and encouraging everyone to enjoy all pleasurable aspects of life.

Teaming up with Idobi RadioLUCID AFTERLIFE is giving fans a taste of what’s to come from the EP with their new music video ‘Time Killaz’ featuring a collaboration with Vancouver rapper Merkules.

“Every project Lucid AfterLife brings into existence is different than the last, so when the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s most influential emcees, Merkules Stevenson came to us we decided to create something right out of the box. Time Killaz is an audio and visual journey through the phenomena of time, life & death and also mans quest to take his consciousness beyond space and time all together. On yet another level it is about people wasting your time and the desire to free yourself of those vibes. I produce all of our music videos and this was my first time working with the talented team from Lovero Films, they really stepped things up and helped me bring to life a visual story that is time bending in itself, we had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy.” comments vocalist / guitarist Nat Jack.

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