Review – The Heartbroken

Album: Storm Clouds
Release Date: October 21, 2016
Genre: Rock/ Roots

The phenomenon of the “sophomore slump” hits many bands.  In particular, those who have released strong debut albums can fail to fulfill the expectations they themselves set.  It is difficult to break the “sophomore slump.”  Toronto´s The Heartbroken was put the position of trying to overcome the phenomena with the release of their record Storm Clouds.

The approach I took to listening to the album was different than I usually take for reviewing albums.  Prior to listening to their latest release Storm Clouds, I wanted to check out the group´s first album that was released in 2010, Tonight Tonight, as a point of comparison.  I found it to be a very strong release.  I could easily see how it could receive praise.

With a strong first release, could The Heartbroken effectively break the “sophomore slump?”  Six years following the release of Tonight Tonight, The Heartbroken released Storm Clouds.  It contains twelve tracks including the single “Tearing Me Up.”

I believe the large gap in the albums’ releases worked out in The Heartbroken´s favour.  Taking their time, they were able to craft another strong release.  I highly enjoyed the combination of the instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics.  The tracks that stood out the most for me were “Not My Home”, “Tearing Me Up”, and “Going to Hell.”  Although the album is good, this is a record that I believe will be better performed live.

Fans of Tonight Tonight will not be disappointed in Storm Clouds.  For those unfamiliar with the band´s work, I would recommend checking out their single “Tearing Me Up” below to gain a taste of the album:

Prior to the announcement of a national tour, Toronto fans can anticipate a performance at Dakota Tavern on November 2.

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