Review – Chantal Preston

EP: Call You Later
Release Date: October 21, 2016
Genre: Country/ Pop

Barrie, ON based singer/songwriter; Chantal Preston has just released her EP entitled Call You Later. The release features five tracks including the single, “Just Wing It”, which starts off the album. The track is a strong introduction to this up and coming Canadian artist. I found myself singing along with the chorus immediately and I thoroughly enjoy Chantal’s vocals, as well as the beat backing her. When asked about this track, she states: “I wrote Just Wing It when I was 16, so about five years ago. It’s about being in a relationship where you can have fun just being with the other person and it doesn’t matter if you have plans or not. The story in the song actually happened: he picked me up in his truck and said, ‘let’s just wing it.’ It’s about being with that special person and just being in the moment. I find those are sometimes the best times,”

The next song, “Jeep Wave” struck a chord with me, as my parents in law recently bought a  Jeep, and one thing we’ve all said is “Now you have to wave at every other Jeep”. This song has to be my favourite on the album, it’s a fun, upbeat track that keeps you interested, and singing along.

Although the first two tracks are more upbeat, of course there are some slower song thrown in, which always showcases the artists’ vocals so much more. Often the slower songs appeal to me more than the upbeat, but in this case, they are tied. “Call You Later” does showcase Chantal’s vocals perfectly, and if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself swinging to and fro along with the song, and you may even feel the need to raise your cell phone or lighter in the air, it really gives off that vibe.

Continuing on the more mellow sound, “Something Bad” and “Want Me Back” prove even more that Chantal is worthy of your time, and I recommend you check out this album, and keep an eye out for more from her in the future.

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