Review – David Clayton-Thomas

Album: Canadiana
Release Date: October 14, 2016
Genre: Rock/blues/folk/pop

This album is a fun and creative album. It brings out the best of the best on these remade exclusive songs and puts an ensemble of talented artists together with the compilation on each song thanks to David Clayton-Thomas and his special guests ranging from Hilario Duran; a Cuban piano artist and Elmer  Ferrer’s electric guitar skills on the song originally by Canadian superstar band RushCloser To The Heart” is a genius composition

Another favourite for me was to see how he could recreate Neil Young’s Heart of Gold” and with the likes of drummer Larnell Lewis; a Grammy award winning drummer and a lot of research on some reggae vibes and the language. David Clayton-Thomas put this together like it was meant to be!! Also Eric St Laurent and Lou Pomanti for sure completed this album with the deep sounds of funk from their instruments and experience.

All in all, this album is just full of fun and creative minds. The songs picked to recreate were an amazing line up of some of Canada’s favourite artists!! This is an album to add to your collection if you are a multi genre listener like I am.

Come and support this creative gentleman and all of his work throughout the years from California in the 70’s and back to Canada in the later years.

Connect with David Clayton-Thomas:

Also check out this special video of the making of his newest album on YouTube for those hardcore Canadian music lovers and musicians out there:

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