Review – Coleman Hell

Album: Summerland
Release Date: October 14, 2016
Genre: Alternative/ Pop

Coleman Hell burst onto the scene in February 2015 with his single “2 Heads”. The track is now certified triple platinum in Canada and Gold in the US. Even with the mainstream success of “2 Heads” Hell wanted to stay true to his unconventional style of music and writing. With that he headed off to a cabin for a month and a half to record his debut full length Summerland.

Summerland’s title was inspired by a place called Summerland that Hell learned Wiccans believe they go when they die. “They believe in reincarnation, so it’s like this place between lives”. The album stays true to its title with its spiritual soul searching vibe. It features his latest single “Fireproof” that has been taking over the radio waves and is already certified Gold in Canada, and of course his huge hit “2 Heads”. Summerland is packed full of songs that are different from anything else you will hear, they are out there, catchy and fun. There are also spoken word transitions telling the story of Summerland, adding to the captivating art of the album. Songs like “Flowerchild” and “Run Wild” will quickly become personal favourites and over work your speakers.

Summerland is the epitome of a self discovery album done right! It is the perfect full length introduction of Coleman Hell as an artist, an artist and not just a musician. Coleman Hell is also set to tour Canada starting in November, be sure to check him out.

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