Review – Trevor Alguire

Album:  Perish In The Light
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Genre: Blues, Folk, Country, Soft rock

Well this album has a lot of factors that have to do with some good ole mountain music. It reminds me with the fiddles and violins flowing together in harmony of my times in northern Alberta and going out to the old pubs and bring your own beer bars where the music in the beginning of the night would start off slow and near the end of the night it would be fiddling fast music and banjos just screaming.

Perish In The Light by Trevor Alguire is a classic travelling album with great stories and reflections of himself. My favourite song off of this album is “My Sweet Rosetta” featuring Juno Award winning songwriter/singer Catherine MacLellan. Her wonderful voice just adds that mystery and feeling to the song that touches on lots of emotions within the listening ear. I suggest you grab a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate, turn the mood down and put this album on. Take an hour or so to let your mind “gooooo” into a world that Trevor Alguire brings to the table with Perish In The Light.

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