Review – Lung Flower

Album: Effigy
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Stoner/Doom

Vancouver’s very own modern day hybrid with equal parts Nirvana and Sabbath with just a hint of Soundgarden for good measure, released an album a little while back, but what the hell this album still deserves some attention. A sludgy, doomed stoner rock opus that perfectly demonstrates the bands ideals, which basically boil down to keeping the Black Sabbath dream alive.

Each and every song is a unique frankenstiening of genres that is somehow coherent and menacing from track to track. The apathy of the early nineties is also blatantly obvious from the start, and perfectly coaxes the overall feeling of heaviness from the guitars whether its an up-tempo thrasher or a groaning punkish anthem.

Great album to put on and chill with.

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