Interview – Stella Rio

Fresh to the scene, Toronto based singer Stella Rio has burst into music with her beautiful sultry voice and brand new video for her song “All I Need”. Canadian Beats had a chance to catch up with Stella to learn more about her and her music.

You just released your video for “All I Need”, tell me about your first music video experience? 

It was a surreal experience. My team (kuya) and I drove out to Malibu bright and early to catch the sunrise. We drove along the PCH. We shot the entire video at Point Dume. The setting was so romantic and dreamy. That’s exactly what we had envisioned for the video. I actually felt a bit emotional after we finished shooting because I am just so happy to share with everyone the magic that we created.

What inspired you to get into music? 

I feel like music has always been a part of my life. My favorite memories are ones that involve music. My parents say that I was musical since birth. My mom’s favorite story to share with everyone is that when I was one years old, I would sit in front of the TV and sing-a-long to Barney. So my parents claim they knew from that moment I would be a singer.

Tell me about your songwriting process, what gives you inspiration for writing? 

I feel like I go through major moments of inspiration, where I literally jump out of bed to scribble down a song concept and in those moments I feel such a strong creative energy pulse through me. It’s addicting. Then, there are times when my brain hurts to think and my heart feels a little heavy. That’s when I will usually just leave the city for awhile. I love to take spontaneous trips. It’s something that is utterly freeing for me and refills my soul. I’m in love with roaming around a new city or town with nothing to do and no particular place to go.

Also, In terms of lyrical content, I am constantly studying everything and everyone around me. I am just curious to know why people do what they do and I just love to hear people’s stories. I usually like to dig deep and ask thought provoking questions. Life is too short to talk about things that don’t matter. People in general just overall inspire me.

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

My biggest musical influence has definitely been the Jazz singers from 60’s. Ella, Billie, Sarah, Louis. It was my vocal coach Millie Minas who introduced me to this kind of music. I was six years old and incredibly shy to sing in front of people. I remember her putting on her stereo and playing me an Ella classic. I remember feeling something so special. That music touched my soul. I felt the music and the lyrics. I felt her soul. It literally blew my mind. It was from that moment that I decided I wanted to be a singer and make music that would make people feel something.

What is next for Stella Rio, will you be releasing an EP, or touring? 

I will be releasing an EP at the start of 2017. I’m so excited. It will have 6 tracks. It’s going to be my introduction to the world and share with everyone all the love and dedication put into creating this EP. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to be able to create something out of sheer love and to help others in the process. That is the beauty of music. It’s the ultimate soul healer.

Here at Canadian Beats we like to include a just for fun portion to help your fans get to know you better, ready?.. 
If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing? 

If I was wasn’t doing music, then I would for sure be in a another creative field. I am fascinated by cinema and visual arts as a whole.

What can we find you doing on a day off? 
On my days off I usually like to be alone. I will go for a hike and listen to music. I will take a drive into the countryside. It’s nice to have days to just BE and not think.
If you could collaborate with any Canadian artist dead or alive, who would it be? 

That’s a great question. I would have to say Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah is quite possible one of my favorite songs.

What is one thing that you absolutely cannot live without? 

The one thing that I absolutely cannot live without would be coffee. It not only quenches my sugar addiction, but it’s something much more than that. I feel like my life revolves around my love for coffee.

What is one song you over play on your personal playlist? 

The one song I over play on my personal playlist would be Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding. There’s something about it that makes me feel so happy. It really does not matter how many times I listen to it, I get that same feeling every single time.

And last but not least, is there anything you would like to say to your fans? 

I would just like to say to my fans that I am grateful for their ongoing support. I know they are anxiously awaiting my EP. I look forward to meeting everyone when I go on tour.

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