Review – Andino Suns

Artist: Andino Suns
Album: Madera
Release Date: September 16th, 2016
Genre: Latin/World

It isn’t every day that quality, Latin influenced music surfaces on the prairies of Canada, but for Andino Suns that is exactly what they are producing these days. Based out of Regina, the talented and multi-instrumental group have released their third full length studio album. Madera can be found online and in store. Translated from Spanish to English, the literal term for Madera means “wood.” Andino Suns recorded the entire album using only wood-based acoustic instruments (percussion, stringed and winds) avoiding the use for heavy sounding electric instrumentation and amplification. On lead vocals, Andrés Dávalos describes the sound for the album as “rustic, homegrown, with an earthy feel.” All of the albums tracks are performed in Spanish with the exception of “The Beach (Playa).”

Andrés Dávalos (Lead vocal, quena, charango, harmonica, zampoña and trutruca), Andrés Palma (Rhythm guitar, charango, and backup vocal), and Cristian Moya (Lead guitar, charango, tres cubano, and backup vocal) make up this interesting group rich and talent, and rich in history. Davalos, Palma, and Moya are formerly of Descalso. The three musicians happened to be the sons of political exiles who found safety on the Canadian prairies in the early 70’s. Raised to cherish and honor their Chilean heritage, the three learned their language and their history. Most importantly, they embraced the music. This helped Andino Suns cultivate their own unique sound fusing their organic sounds with delicate prairie inspiration.

Madera delivers intense Latin flavors, with great harmonies and tight arrangements. The album does have an “off the floor” sound that comes through the speakers naturally. Andino Suns is set to kick off a tour that will take them across the Canadian prairies well into the end of October. If Latin inspired music is your thing, Madera is the album for you. If it isn’t your thing, give it a listen and get inspired yourself.

Andino Suns on tour:
Sep 16- Langenburg, SK – George Layh Theatre (OSAC)
Sep 17 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
Sep 22-25 – Saint John, NB – Contact East
Sep 29 – Regina, SK – The Owl (University of Regina)
Sep 30 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s Cantina
Oct 1 – Yorkton, SK – Anne Portnuff Theatre (OSAC) OSAC
Oct 5 – Moose Jaw, SK – Chiller’s
Oct 7 – Lumsden, SK – St. Michael’s Retreat
Oct 8 – Regina, SK – Creative City Centre (with the Stillhouse Poets)
Oct 14 – Regina, SK – BreakOut West Festival – Crave
Oct 15 – Regina, SK – BreakOut West Festival – Creative City Centre
Oct 20-22 – Morden, MB – Manitoba Arts Network
Oct 29 – Moose Jaw, SK – Moose Jaw Wildlife Centre

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