Review – Greg McEvoy

Album: Selfish Love Songs
Release Date: August 16, 2016

Toronto born and Montreal based artist, Greg McEvoy has brought us a collection of toe-tapping, poignant tunes with the release of his first full-length album Selfish Love Songs. Dripping with the grit of classic rock n’ roll and the soulful twang of blues, the album offers a captivating balance between spirited anthems and moving ballads.

The album opens with a longing melody and acoustic guitar in “Goodnight”. Slowly, more elements build the song into an unforgettable medley of intricate vocal harmonies and soaring guitar solos that appropriately set the tone for the rest of the album. “Bear in the Kitchen” follows as it feeds off the energy of “Goodnight” and packs an extra punch with raucous beats, enthusiastic melodies, and the infectious energy that McEvoy infuses into all his music.

Mid-album, “Take Some Time” slows it down with an impassioned ballad that is as earnest and uplifting as it is emotional. The tune is raw and genuine, leaving the listener fully experiencing the feeling embedded into each note and the meaning of every lyric. “Take Some Time” offers a moment of serenity before culminating into a burst of energy with resonating guitar solos, while steady vocals act as the anchors that keep the song grounded.

“Around the Corner” quickly picks up the pace with a vivacious fire and a hook that’ll undoubtedly stick with you in your dreams, as the lyrics suggest. “Our Dying Light” brings back the soulful ballad with a new twist, adding in the powerfully passionate elements reminiscent of classic blues tunes. Contrastingly, “Rome” follows with a simple, yet beautiful melody. A soft and vibrant instrumental line allows close vocal harmonies to shine through in this tune.

The album closes with the pleading “What I’ve Got to Give” and perfectly ties together Selfish Love Songs. The tune’s form is simple and familiar, which allows the heartfelt lyrics to stand out. Exploring feelings of loss, sacrifice, and giving all you have to those you love “What I’ve Got to Give” is a fiercely sincere tune that anyone could relate to.

Selfish Love Songs is an album in which you will find honest, genuine stories about the different paths life leads you towards. The full album is available to listen to and purchase here .

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