Interview – Domeno

Domeno is a DJ and music producer from Montreal, QC. He is a spokesperson for Bud Light’s Villa Paradizo, which is presented by Toyota and takes place in Montreal this weekend! If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out, after all it’s full of talent and is a FREE 2 day event! We had the chance to ask Domeno a few questions about the event.

How did you first begin pursuing your DJ career?

I used to be a professional dancer, dancing background for artsits, and through that I took a huge liking to dance music. It was in the summer of 2000 that a friend of mine had introduced me to turntables, and just like that I was hooked. I loved the artform, the music, the vinyl, going to the record store every week. I just fell in love with it.

If someone wanted to find out more about you, care to point them in the right direction?
Instagram: @domenomusic
Snapcaht: @domenomusic

You are taking part in the 3rd edition of VILLA PARADIZO in Montreal, tell us how it feels to be apart of this awesome 2 day, free festival?

Well I’m very proud to be a part of this amazing team that puts on this important event in the heart of downtown. And to see it going strong on its 3rd year is an incredible feeling. We work hard all year round to bring this to the public, and seeing the end result makes it all worthwhile.

Who are you most excited to check out at VILLA PARADIZO this weekend?

I don’t really have someone specific I’m looking out for, BUT I will be paying close attention to try to hear all the new music that’s gonna be played. I’m also looking forward to see the crazy amount of energy on Crescent this weekend.

Do you have any other dates that you’d like to tell us about coming up?

I’ll be playing the official afterparty at Jet on Saturday alongside Carl Muren and Fred McLovin. My boy Keith Dean will also be playing, holding down the hip hop room. Sept 14th Stages in Kingston. Sept 23 OMG in Sherbrook.

What’s up next for Domeno?

More music, have a lot of new stuff coming up, mostly solo work. I’ll be experimenting with different sounds as well. But with that said…let’s get through this massive VILLA PARADIZO first.

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