Review – T. Thomason

EP- Sweet Baby
Released – July 21, 2016
Genre – Grunge Rock
Toronto based T. Thomason has recently dropped a brand new EP entitled Sweet Baby. The EP has a five track listing of completely original and raw material, that will have you hooked immediately.
Sweet Baby opens with a track called “Sally (Sally, Be My Spirit Guide). The track became one of my favourites, it hits you with that stellar basement alternative rock feel, and really gives you an idea about what’s to come. “My Kind” has single written all over it. It was the track that I found myself drawn to, and listening to over and over. Full of a blend of rock and an indie psychedelic vibe and of course killer guitar riffs, “My Kind” will steal your speakers and you won’t want them back. “Mama’s Boy” is the emotionally charged nod to the mothers, and T’s in particular. It touches on the love of family, and the challenges of life.
Sweet Baby is a very well put together EP showcasing T. Thomason’s amazing talent. If you are looking for a change in your playlist, something with substance, I highly recommend this EP, give it a listen…or two.
Connect with T. Thomason:

I’m Heather Young. I am 29 years old and from Calgary. I’m the mother of a 6 year old boy and I work with children as a developmental assistant. I have always had a passion for writing and music so working for Canadian Beats is right up my alley. I love every genre of music as long as it catches my attention, it’s on my playlist, from rap to country. When I’m not working or writing I love to spend time outside with my son playing games or going for walks.

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