New video released by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners

Ronley Teper and The Lipliners have released “Pointy Petals (ROSE)”, the second video from Teper’s new Trilogy that was released digitally on September 2nd.  The video features mixed media (pencil and water colour drawings, flash animation and 3D graphics) by Davide Di Saro.

Teper has this to say about the song, which was intended as a musical metaphor:

Nature as Human nature.  As I envision it both physically and psychologically we start as a seed, we need just the right conditions/seasons to survive, we bud, we flourish, we wreak beauty, we feel pain, we wrinkle, we decay, and all our petals fade away, but to fall back into the ground and feed the circle of conditions again.  Writing Rose metaphorically was an easier way for me to come to grips with this conundrum.  I learnt thorns were for prickling but I’d been mislead.  They are rather a ladder to climb up to find, sweet swelling Rose.  Davide was able to create a visual spectacle that inhabited what I was trying to poetize.

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