Photo Review – The Harvest Picnic

The Harvest Picnic took place over the weekend (August 26, 27, 28) and was expanded to three days from the previous year. The list of performers included The Jim Cuddy Band, Alan Doyle & The Beautiful Gypsies, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Rheostatics, Great Lake Swimmers, Cowboy Junkies & many more. The event serves to celebrate the importance of the Greenbelt, local farmers, art, the outdoors and the eat-local movement. Canadian Beats was there for all three days and below are some great photos of the event.

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher-8677

Jeremy Fisher-8646

Mike Trebilcock

Mike Trebilcock-8580Mike Trebilcock-8550

Red Hill Valleys

RedHill Valleys-9312

RedHill Valleys-0150

RedHill Valleys-0159

Tomi Swick

Tomi Swick-8603

Tomi Swick-8695

Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle-9050

Alan Doyle-9042

Alan Doyle-9027

Cowboy Junkies

Cowboy Junkies-8825

Cowboy Junkies-8765

Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers-8849

Great Lake Swimmers-8866

Great Lake Swimmers-8869

Great Lake Swimmers-8877

Jim Cuddy

jim Cuddy-9213

jim Cuddy-9162

jim Cuddy-9165

Joel Plaskett

Joel Plaskett-8958

Joel Plaskett-9001

Justin Dunlop

Justin Dunlop-8723

Justin Dunlop-8735




Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill-9485

Autumn Hill-9500

Autumn Hill-9456

Ian Tyson

Jessie Bower-0408

Jessie Bower-9520

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell-9299

Jessica Mitchell-9304

Jessie Bower

Jessie Bower-0023

Jessie Bower-9272

JJ Shiplett

JJ Shiplett-9381

JJ Shiplett-9414

Johnny Reid

Johnny Reid-9582

Johnny Reid-9554

Lori Yates

Lori Yates-9333

Lori Yates-0200

Sylvia Tyson

Sylvia Bower-9512

Sylvia Bower-0371

For more photos from Harvest Picnic, head to our Facebook page.

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