Review – Twin Fin

Album: Whiskey Wine and Venom Love
Release Date: September 18, 2016
Genre: Swing

This album Whiskey Wine and Venom Love by Twin Fin is about to be re-released this September and it is a deep and dark trip to another time in the 30’s where clubs and  private bars were filled with killers, hard drugs and alcohol by the barrels. Back when the music was strictly for releasing the other side in people and giving them that “fast dance” energy with flipping and swinging.

In the band we have Dana Hartman (Vocals/Guitar), Cole G Benjamin (Vocals/Saxophone), Paul Wickerson (Guitar/ Vocals), Eric Roelofsen (Upright Bass,/Vocals) and  Brad “Lavard” Ondrovcik (Drums), aeach of these members bring a certain element to the band, and you can hear the experience and love for the music.

My favourite song on this album is “Rocco Perri”, a song about Rocco Perri being himself and even getting into trouble with the law. 2nd runner up in my favourite songs category is “City of Sin” and this track is  all about that intense scene with all the gambling and hustling going on in that world. 3rd is “Whiskey Wine and Venom Love” and the 4th is “Jungle Room”. Be sure to check out this album and take a trip back in time, to when the world we now know was just beginning.

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